2.4.0 League Crafted Items

Color me interested, I also hope that these additions get rolled into standard along with prophecy mechanics. I don't want to always play the next league to chase items and standard is rather barren compared to all the various content that has been rolled out recently.
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Sweet holy Rngesus. Those are some wickedly awesome mods
In other hand u are making my builds even more op
Feel Da Biceps Meh good sir.
Why do I have this feeling those mods can only be rolled by exalting the last mod into an item?
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I'm guessing it's cadiro's twin that likes copper and will "enchant" your item for some.
Oh good. Path of Power Creep continues.

Can we get an offline version of 1.3? Please?
Bring back minion damage values please
Forsaken masters - new mods, warbands - new mods, labyrinth - new mods, new league - new mods. What is that? The lack of new ideas?
How is that crafting?

It looks like league GAMBLED items, not crafted.
Never underestimate what the mod community can do for PoE if you sell an offline client.
As a busy individual with not enough time to grind through the new leagues, I really hope we'll see more content hitting Standard (Cadibro/Prophecy/crafting?).

I can understand why GGG is pushing to play the new leagues but like some friends and other players, Standard is the only place where we can afford some "fun" playtime.

The new mods are interesting and I'd bet sexcalibur's guess is the right one ;)
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