2.4.0 League Crafted Items

Seems like a cool addition but without knowing how it works I'll keep my hype. If they drop blue like Warband items then I'd tell you to go back to the drawing board right now. Especially if they drop UNID.

If we can gamble one of these mods on a 3-5 stat item in some way through league mechanics then it might be good.

The point is, unless this in some way can compete with chaos spamming an item I just don't see how it's going to be interesting as far as crafting goes.
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I'm hoping there would be more exalts dropping on the next league. Otherwise, there would be only a few people who could fully use this feature...

unless they are introducing a new currency exclusively for this new league :b
Really bad move from GGG.
Bad because it is league and not main game (hate the whole concept of league in PoE, it screw up the game more than help it since who sane want to play from scrach each few months?).
It will turn the whole economy upsidedown, all items that were BIS for you are no longer BIS since new mods are more powerful.
Additionaly we get even more power creep.
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Wow! When you add new things to the game?
This seems to be a minor change thats probably had been done long time ago and you just didnt feel like adding it to the game because you worry its too op or something like that. When you will make something new not something old and boring? Probably you just enabled rolling those mods. Great work everyone;)
Now lets see new supporter pack! Sellout ggg!
Yeah if 2.4 is a crafting league and these arent just new mods then im probably out. You guys are going back on an old as fuck statement that youd never do crafting leagues because they set a bad precedence and expectation for the core game.
shittiest league ever. not going to make a new character just to make 10 exalts and get a shitty rare. Chances are you probably need 500 exalts to even get a good mod in the new league. Which not even the most hardcore of hardcore players will get. Worthless league. Please improve standard GGG. Are you deaf?!
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another update, another disappointment, not worth
2 30% minion speed rings + queens escape = 160% minion speed. lol.
I hope there s some deterministic ways to get those new mods or it won't be good. I played warband league a lot and the mods were just an illusion for me.
It will dilute the mod pool even more on top of this, making rolling rares harder as i'm sure some of the upcoming ones are bad.
If there's no new way to craft (gamble), it will just be a bit more of RNG on the ever groing pile. Traders will have access to them easily by spending gold (exalts), while for non trading players it will be casino again.
I also hope that these mods are not temp league only.
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