How the San Francisco Fan Meet-Up Went!

Yesterday Chris and Jonathan met with over fifty Path of Exile fans at The Press Club in San Francisco. While the contents of this weekend's expansion reveal were kept secret, there was a lot of discussion of issues important to the community. Inside sources have it on good authority that Chris was especially pleased that so many community members were able to see his glorious beard in person. He was also pleased by the wide variety of Path of Exile T-shirts present at the event. We've taken some photos for you to check out! (Sorry about the quality!)

A few tidbits mentioned at the meetup include:
  • Prophecy will be rolled in the core game in 2.4.0. Details of how will be posted in the news later this week.
  • Largest-size hideouts will be able to hold all of your masters at once.
  • The new challenge league will "make rares great again".

Thank you to everyone came on by to meet the team!
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Xavderion wrote:
Mirin Chris here. He lost some weight and grew a nice beard. Also dope t-shirt.

Around 30lb!
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