How the San Francisco Fan Meet-Up Went

Snorkle_uk wrote:
Archwizard wrote:

Well, since Germany is smaller than California, it's not exactly a fair comparison to say that America-centered got only 40 people!

I live in the US 3,000ish miles from the meetup, roughly 7 Germanys away ;p.

well, this is the thing, its smaller than california but it has double the population. Western europe is pretty small compared to america, but western europe has about 100,000,000 more people than america in that smaller space.

Is the game really america centered? Do the american players outnumber the european? Maybe they do I have no idea tbh. I would have thought the reason they do these meetups in America is because they are already there for some kind of convention/press thing or whatever so they do a meetup. I think if they had some kind of games convention in hamburg that they were going to they would probably have a meetup there.

That actually is really in line with my point: the US, geographically, is enormous so saying only 40 people were in the meetup isn't very indicative of anything, and that a Germany meetup would probably get that without much issue.

I have no idea if it's america centered or not, I've never really gotten that impression from the guilds I've run. Have a good amount of USA/EU folks (still counting UK people in there for now ;p), along with some AUS/NZ of course.

The meetups happen in California because of game industry and press reasons.
Support a free Hong Kong.

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the guy with the suit coat over the poe t shirt! xD
TheAnuhart wrote:
The new challenge league will "make rares great again".

All I read here is, crafting sux in the core game but fuck you if you don't play leagues.

Relax, dude. The new crafting will obviously be added to core game. However, it needs to be contained in a temp league before it's added for good. If it goes straight to standard, too many unbalanced and overpowered items would be added to the game, too quickly. Testing it in a temp league is easier to manage. Keep yourself entertained with atlas of worlds until the new rares are ready for standard.
Sounds like good changes incoming, but one thing I can't reconcile - you're adding prophecy to the core game, but you decided not to with both Perandus and Talisman? Le sigh.
Chris wrote:

Around 30lb!

Noticed your remark sometime ago about "just drinking water these days.." and I was waiting to see the results!

As someone who walked _that_ path before, congratulations! Keep it up!
lol make rares great again, because the top weapons aren't Rare/Crafted already.
Archwizard wrote:
bwam wrote:
Making rares great again?

Will we also be building a wall? We only within recent years tore down the barrier at Prisoner's Gate. What's next, deporting illegal Exiles back to the Twilight Strand?

And what about Chris's comments on Marauders lately, about them all being "brutes"? Will we let the future of Wraeclast be determined by a egomaniac despot intent on Trolling our nation with promises of "greatness"?

Will we be won over by promises of new rares at the cost of our moral principles? Will we disregard Chris's calls to cease all immigration of Templars, dismissing these calls as merely being meant to rally the base?

No! No, I tell you.

(... OK, maybe I took that a bit far.)

We're exiles because we were deported....

*Sigh* Yes, that's part of why it's funny. It's satire, mate.
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and who knows... we might get new prophecies and new fated uniques as time passes... :D

as a lowbie I'd love to see Brightbeak and Cloak of flames get end game viable fated versions that gold hammah tho

tossing that gold hammer using spectral throw felt like i was back in 1986 playing Gauntlet so good.
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupling the number of things you need to juggle (masters, leagues, splinters) is not a net increase in CONTENT; its a NET INCREASE IN CONTENT YOU NEVER GET TO DO
XibalbaL wrote:
Testing it in a temp league is easier to manage.

The temp leagues don't test for the core game.

It was said that was their function, but it's a lie.

Here's the thing, consider how many of the temp leagues actually made it to the core game. Of those which did, consider how diluted it was.

It's night and day, chalk and cheese, in fact it's more often than not, night and... nothing, chalk and... nothing.

If you are testing something, it kinda should resemble the finished product. There in fact should generally be a finished product.

Temp leagues are an economy reset, and that is all they needed to ever be. But because GGG turned the game into a 2 week trolley dash, they want more people to play leagues, more than just those who want an economy reset, because after the 2 week trolley dash the population is slashed. Turns out, a game designed as an economy first and foremost needs players and those players need players. So instead of just an economy reset for those who want a fresh economy, they use bribe-deprive design, league only uniques, league only crafting, league only content to try to inflate the population, elongate the life of the league after the 2 week trolley dash.

It probably works, the leagues are still evacuated after 2 weeks to a month, but they'd be ghost towns if it wasn't for the bribe-deprive design.

But to be honest, I think they lose and have lost far more non-league players by doing this than the temp league players they kept and keep. If they had ran leagues as economy resets only and had the new content, items and features run in all 4 leagues I think we would have had a far healthier and populated PoE.

Casually casual.

mathiasmmh wrote:
fix ur game

what kind of sadomasochist gets all 40 league achievements in a game they think is broken?

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