How the San Francisco Fan Meet-Up Went

Snorkle_uk wrote:

Is the game really america centered? Do the american players outnumber the european? Maybe they do I have no idea tbh.

well i got that info from the popularity of and the fact that the grindinggears only visit america to prepare press releases.

europe, especially germany is a huge market for free to play games, also open source and supporting it is quite popular here.
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The words "Making rares great again". sound omnious Saying anything like making ... great again reminds far too much of Donald Trump. It is good to know that rares will become better though. Nice job.
Kunaak wrote:
Is Chris turning into a super hero??

nah but give him time, in about 40 years he'll become the Templar.
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destroya82 wrote:
"Prophecy will be rolled in the core game in 2.4.0"
Too bad that talisman and Cadiro did not make it into std as well.

Happy that it will be available in Standard - finally some love for std as well :-)

Yea that's the thing... I personally don't think Perandus would be so good in a permanent league (not that I would mind if it got to standard in the end), but I'm still quite disappointed Talisman didn't make it into the core game :/. I bet people would enjoy it with reasonably decreased frequency of talisman encounters (compared to the original temporary league).

Toshis8 wrote:
Bring "Talisman" into standard already

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pr13st wrote:
Kunaak wrote:
Is Chris turning into a super hero??

nah but give him time, in about 40 years he'll become the Templar.

I wager he'll have pants ;)
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damn that tabula rasa shirt. I want one.
TheAnuhart wrote:
XibalbaL wrote:
Testing it in a temp league is easier to manage.

The temp leagues don't test for the core game.

It was said that was their function, but it's a lie. [...]

Maybe you're right about the other leagues, but I still think this one is different. Even if it's not, it still acts the way I described. If GGG completely destroyed the standard economy with new crafting, then everybody would call them irresponsible for rolling it in standard this quickly.
lemor0 wrote:
That tabula Rasa tho +1

Tabula Rasta you mean

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