How the San Francisco Fan Meet-Up Went

vio wrote:
Stone__Cold wrote:
Come to Hamburg, Germany, I would actually take a day off and travel there for the meeting :D

when the whole game is america centered and all they got by visiting the west coast is 40 people, you think it's worth the 3k€ per person to meet the both of us in hamburg?

i know, i know, they just used the old trick to meet in the bar to avoid being rampaged by massive hordes of their kiddo fan base...

impressive beard, chris ;)

You mean the three of us :-)

And yeah, great beard, chris
Eschor wrote:

You mean the three of us :-)

I am working in Hamburg and only need 50min. to the Center from SH. ;)
Chris wrote:
Xavderion wrote:
Mirin Chris here. He lost some weight and grew a nice beard. Also dope t-shirt.

Around 30lb!

On your way to become a sex symbol, I see. Keep it up, bro. Maybe ask mathil for help.
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drake1666 wrote:
"Prophecy will be rolled in the core game in 2.4.0"

easily the most boring league in... well forever... and you add it to the core game? you better improve on all these pointless prophecies.

Totally disagree.

There was no other league I've spent so much time than in Prophecy, got a shitton of nice uniques which I haven't found within the last 3 years of playing. Too bad that talisman and Cadiro did not make it into std as well.

Happy that it will be available in Standard - finally some love for std as well :-)

All masters in my HO - nice....
Archwizard wrote:

Well, since Germany is smaller than California, it's not exactly a fair comparison to say that America-centered got only 40 people!
I live in the US 3,000ish miles from the meetup, roughly 7 Germanys away ;p.

dimensions, i always forget about them. typically german! my guess is most people had to fly to the meeting though.


didn't see jonathan on the pictures, did he sit in a corner finishing the dx11 code?

destroya82 wrote:
All masters in my HO - nice....

no, the text goes like "all of your masters". big difference if they reduce "your masters" to 3.
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So glad more features coming to perma standard :)
That Tabula Rasa guy xD
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Ty for scam <3
Bring "Talisman" into standard already
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Is San Francisco made up of mostly asians and weird white kids or is that just the POE fan base?

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