Development Manifesto - Prophecy as a Core Game Mechanic

cislacoff wrote:
Prophecy is most boring and time wasting league ever, and you put it on game core?
Most of my friends agree that prophecy was fail,GGG don't make same mistake twice.

Same here , my friends and me also have been hugely dissapointed by this league
IGN : FireHC
I begged barrowed an worked my ass off to get a good Reach of the Council an Iam willing to bet many others did the same... COULD they PLEASE go legacy
Qarl wrote:
...all led to the decision to roll Prophecy into the core game.


  • "Silver coins will be rarer": fair enough. :-)
  • "Navali will be able to join your hideout." AWESOME!!!
  • "Reach of the Council... we will be changing this item, and we'll need to assess all the Prophecy content for going into the live game." fair enough, thanks. Happy for the original to either go legacy or be altered just slightly, either way.

Qarl wrote:
We are also excited for Prophecy being in the core game for another reason. We want to make more content for it... Prophecy had far more designed for it than we could have made in the time we had to make it. It is a deep well of interesting stories, fights and rewards.

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fkxDuelist wrote:
Please, do not add Prophecy in core game.

Prophecy was the most boring league I ever played, I stopped after 12 days only... And had lots of more fun to play in Standard!

This league totally break the game, people map alone cause of the "monstrous treasure" prophecy, 95% of prophecies are useless, fusings became useless cause of "jeweller's touch" and "fated connection", and more.

Prophecy mechanics are bad and make the game boring. It's trash. +1 for Perendus.

Then don't ever bother getting any Prophecies. In fact, don't even do the quest to get Navali into town. Let the rest of us enjoy them.

The work is already done for Prophecy, so there's really little for the team to spend time on moving it to standard. This is new content for standard, so let the rest of us enjoy, then you can go back to your little corner and don your hat of bitterness.
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Its good!!!!
i want tabula rasa shirt
Since Prophecy will be added to Standard, I really wonder why Talisman and Perandus didn't make it
Nothing special i dont rly like prop. :/
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So GGG will need to make a permanent currency place in the currency tab so we don't waste 1 of our 5 general purpose space.
"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
why ppl say "prophecy boring, dont add to core" ?
cant understand...

this is as if you were saying "remove strongboxes from the game, because the league where they were introduced was boring"

add it to the game, it is good additional content.
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