Development Manifesto - Prophecy as a Core Game Mechanic

Lucid_ wrote:

Jesus christ why do you do this. Awful league and "durr everyone loves it, core mechanic!!xXDDD!!"

I don't want fucking sidequests that do N O T H I N G for me. Funny how you say "as a core mechanic"... how are sidequests a core mechanic? How does that change the gameplay? What you mean silver coins dropping and you have to pick them up?? BIG CHANGE GGG, SUPER ENGAGING MECHANICS. Your game is boring for the whole first difficulty, buggy throughout, and RNG reliant in the end game (if maps is end game even though it was supposed to be filler)

I'm also just not sure what your obsession with gating content behind RNG is. The very little interesting content from prophecy has to be farmed/bought to get to. WHY.

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Whinge fucking whinge...

GGG created some new content that a lot of people (not you but who cares) enjoyed. You don't have to engage with it ever if you choose not to yet Y O U decide to bitch and moan about it while the game diversifies. This literally has zero impact unless you want it to so S T F U.

Also if you don't understand why RNG is important in a game like this you're already behind the 8 ball. Play something else.
Bananaplasm wrote:
MarboroMan wrote:
why ppl say "prophecy boring, dont add to core" ?
cant understand...

this is as if you were saying "remove strongboxes from the game, because the league where they were introduced was boring"

add it to the game, it is good additional content.

Because there is "so much more" planned for Prohpecy. Which basically means they are wasting time on garbage cookie cutter content. There were better contenders for being rolled into the game which we will never see.

Makes no sense... don't add this cos there's better shit to add but this shit is still ok... but also 'balance'.

FFS, get a grip you fools.
Fasteddie1 wrote:
I begged barrowed an worked my ass off to get a good Reach of the Council an Iam willing to bet many others did the same... COULD they PLEASE go legacy

Me Too and I hope it goes legacy as well. I would think that it should unless they are changing the actual mechanics of all in existence, like they did the chaos conversion items. If they are only tweaking (lowering) some of the rolls of the current mods it has then it should go legacy as all items they have lowered the rolls of mods or lowered the lvls of built in supports in the past have gone legacy and I really hope they give it this treatment as I am loving the one I have now and would hate to have it nerfed when they do leave other more powerful legacy uniques.

I should also say I don't understand why some are complaining that prophecy is being added to the core game, if you do not like it nothing forces you to be involved with it in the least and extra content for those who play standard or even in upcoming leagues is great and I think will only add to the game and will not hurt anyone. I do agree though that if it is added they should add a spot for silver coins on the currency tab, I have 2 of my extra slots full of gold coins and after this league ends another mostly full of portal scrolls and part full of wisdoms which I guess leaves one for silver coins, but I think if in core game a spot for them should be added.
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"I'm also just not sure what your obsession with gating content behind RNG is. The very little interesting content from prophecy has to be farmed/bought to get to. WHY.

Yup, still haven't see a gg prophecy, at least i have decent luck farming the expensive keys (volkuur/ynia, why are they so much more expensive btw? =/// also, if some of those are rarer, why so? whats the point of making it rarer if you can't use the cheap ones like sac pieces...)
Buff life on the right side of the tree! Just a little! Pretty Please!
cipher_nemo wrote:
Then don't ever bother getting any Prophecies. In fact, don't even do the quest to get Navali into town. Let the rest of us enjoy them.

The work is already done for Prophecy, so there's really little for the team to spend time on moving it to standard. This is new content for standard, so let the rest of us enjoy, then you can go back to your little corner and don your hat of bitterness.

I map every day in public parties. I enjoy them because I can meet people, see other's builds, etc.

In Prophecy, people doesn't map in public parties cause of prophecies:

A Prophecy say an unique will drop? Then you will play solo. A prophecy say a map will contain only boxes? Then you will play solo. And at the end, everybody play solo, the social part of the game is dead, and in my opinion the game with it.

Then YOU are in a little corner, doing your prophecy alone again and again... Not me.

In that case, GGG, do a standalone game, without servers. No need to have network latency issues, instance crash, broken RNG and all that problems if at the end it's a game to play alone (because that's what Prophecy is).

Then if the core game include Prophecy, I would prefer to buy a standalone PoE at $60 and play it in local on my PC. Or to play another game.
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Good mechanic, Mapping easier for solo player, and Reach council ...

Glad you make it core, not breaking shit like perandus or trash league like talisman.
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Perandus League in the core game, even without Ricardo, would be awesome too.
Cr4v3n wrote:
Perandus League in the core game, even without Ricardo, would be awesome too.

Warbands in core game, now that was something... that would make farming regular core game instances interesting, more uniq monsters. more potential for magicfinding.

now add warbands to core game. that would be the greatest improvement ever...

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Meh, Prophecy Mechanic was boring.
Unrewarding and most of the time it was just annoying.

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