An Update From the Press Tour!

The GGG team is currently working really hard to get ready for our full expansion announcement on Saturday (NZT, two days from now). Meanwhile, Chris and Jonathan are spending their last day on the 2.4.0 press tour before they head back to New Zealand to join the team before the announcement. All of our expansion related news is embargoed until this announcement so we can't share anything exciting just yet, however, we do have an exclusive photo from Chris and Jonathan's press suite to share!

By the way, the 48 hour Solo Self Found Flashback Event starts this weekend! If you've been waiting for your chance to level the playing field by playing solo, now is your chance! For more information, check out the Events Schedule.
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That black screen though.


"Welcome to path of exile, where the rules are made up and the mods don't matter."

Free to play model = optional support = supporter titles = gamifying purchases = gotta catch em all = $$$$
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I hope you have not spread out the information among game "journalists" like last time, few of which will even shit on the game.
With the Might of Chris' beard he has officially won the internet. GG GGG.
Black Rectangle? What rectangles we have in the game? Life rectangle next to Scion. 2.4 Scion buffs confirmed?
What the fuck a Mac?

High warlord of the SUPER CUTE WALRUS CLAN
- Retired for Harvest /seal flap
Looks like a revamped eternal lab!
also, the left screen, if that is PoE related, it is a damn beautiful view!
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