An Update From the Press Tour!

Taiberius wrote:
If that censored thing is anything like a playmat for card games, a flag, or anythign that is in the supporter packs count with my money :3

I think you're on to something. Maybe its a playmat with lore for the new map modifiers (runes??).

Atlas of Worlds...makes sense, some kind of cartography thingamajigger.

I'm pretty hyped for the league reveal and new supporter packs.

If you look closely the "playmat" has grommets on all 4 corners, something that is meant to be mounted on a wall. My bet is that it's a map of Wraeclast, part of the new supporter packs.
Does he play using voice commands? And why not just crop the picture?
i haven't played for a few weeks...the maps are round now? :O

They're either pogs or miller's wheels.

Miller's wheels you ask? Yes, because you will need to grind them constantly in order to derive minimal sustenance.
Hey Chris, do you always work with a bowl full of candy next to you?
yeehaw :O)
We're past the announcement's announcement exiles.. fuel up the hype train!
Standard: Shiverlyss, Lythyssa, Solaris, Goldorak, Clash, Cleavage, Sunflow.
cant wait
Chris is metal
Self found and solo (mostly)
I guess the screenshot on the uncensored image is a part of Tora's hideout, since it was announced a new tier of full-size hideouts that can house all masters and Navali. That's why there are a lot of pets hanging out. Just my guess :)

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