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One cant play self-found right now if one want to compete with others.
And we are not trying to enforce something to the other side.
I suggested a PARALLELL league, meaning that the ordinary leagues would still be there as they are today.
Seems like the "other side" are just afraid the self-found league would be so popular so the ordinary leagues loose players and therefore "the other side" looses on this.

Soo stupid,"we have what we want, but you cant have what you want"....
BlazeSTX wrote:
I_NO wrote:
What the fuck a Mac?


It's Mac which run Windows on it.

In my book that is even more blasphemic!
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Xedralya wrote:
Chris, we're two months away from Halloween. Tell me you're going to put grey dye in that beard and do a sick Templar costume.

This would be badass.
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Map related content confirmed! :D
So stoner looks you have, Chris. Good beard!
Can't wait for new expansion.
666lol666 wrote:
sarannah101 wrote:

PS: There is no reason for a self-found league, just simply don't trade. Droprates are good enough to sustain self-found(I do it all the time). Binding items in an arpg is the worst idea ever, can't believe this is even mentioned as a good thing! (two posts above mine)

If the drop rates are so good and you play solo self found all the time why would account bound items be bad for you? lol I guess you talk a bunch of blag blah blah and without trading you wouldn't even be able to kill malachai on normal without dying. ;o)

In games like these, finding items of value is what the game is all about. When items are bound, they have absolutely 0 value, which makes farming meaningless. This is exactly the problem some other game is facing. 'Not an upgrade, delete it'

You are wrong about killing malachai, I've killed malachai on alot of chars, including some self-found ones. Though I do not 100% play self found(some chars I do completely self found though), but I do it while leveling and untill very high level. My chars, even my self found ones have always been very good, and have easily been able to keep up with others that did trade on those characters.

To the players saying the droprate for solo self found is too low, because it has been lowered to trade are wrong. I've found nearly every unique item in the game already, and often at times I do not even play that much. Often I only go for the mtx challenges.

To those saying many players make cookiecutter OP builds which they take from the forums...yes, some do that, and even I have very few times done it. But I mostly play my own self created builds, while mostly playing self found. When you know what you are doing, and farm fast, the entire game will be open to you. This includes keeping up with other players and holding/keeping a good droprate due to farming speed.

Since I play mostly self found I've also noticed, the orbs I'm finding are quite enough to craft/do anything I want.

This entire game relies on how smart you are about doing things. When you pick a glass cannon build for a league like beyond, you are going to die over and over. Pick a smart build, depending on what you are facing, and build it for that purpose. Make a seperate farming build for farming etc. I specifically went for an almost immortal build this prophecy league, due to not knowing if I had to face bosses. Knowing this build farmed a bit slower, I ended up being higher level than most other players after a few days. Know why? ... I choose an almost immortal build. While other players farmed fast and leveled faster at lower levels, the labyrinth and prophecy bosses killed them alot and cost them alot of exp. Which is when I gained up to them and passed them. Did the uber lab without dying, or even getting close to dying. All the while they kept losing exp, or started new characters. Sometimes you need to pick smart over speed, and know what to do to take the advantage, or when the advantage you choose kicks in.

Not all players pick OP builds from the forums, I like making my own(most of the time). I've often had people say to me: "omg, how did you survive that", "that build looks cool, is that xx's build" and stuff like that. It's alwasy fun explaining I made my own build, and often at times it's a combination of ideas from several builds I already have or from ideas others have had.

The main reason why I play games like these though, is for finding items that are worth something. Either to wear, or to know they are worth enough so I can trade them for something I really want. I want to know the option to trade them is there, if I ever feel like it. This gives an item their worth.

The main thing is: You can already play solo self found, it only requires restraint. The only person you are competing with is yourself. My issue with creating another league for this, is it's splitting up the playerbase more. Besides temp leagues, hardcore and standard, we'd then have another league.

PS: A tip for the solo self found players. Use alchemies + scourings a few times on an item if you need an upgrade for a particular gearspot. Often at times it takes about 5-6 alch's before you get a really nice item(combined with master enchant) that lasts a long time. Just make sure you use it on the highest item level item you can find.
if zoom in to this map(atlas) behind black square - it's like a chain of maps or locations.
Mb it would be like and game serial of maps, where you can't proceed to the next, until u finish(or complite some goals) in previous one.
The suspense is real!
sarannah101 wrote:

To the players saying the droprate for solo self found is too low, because it has been lowered to trade are wrong. I've found nearly every unique item in the game already, and often at times I do not even play that much. Often I only go for the mtx challenges.

Then we are kinda playing 2 different games. I started very late, just started playing PoE again, just a couple weeks ago. I got 1 char 50+ and 1 char 40+, and so far I have found only 21 uniques, and of those only about 5 have been useful for the 2 chars combined (and its sucks to find level 5-15 items at level 50+).

Compare that to someone trading, and they would have been decked out in most slots with uniques, if they wanted to.

So to have the same 2 people play at the same ladder is pointless for the self-found player, if he wants to have any impact on the ladder (outside of someone playing close to 24/7).

I know well how PoE is at this point, and I do not expect GGG at all to change it, since they obviously love trading, but I and others like me can express our wishes and hopes for the game.

And to have 1 more league running in parallel would cost GGG very little, the only thing is that there also would be a need for two more permanent self-found leagues (standard and hardcore).

The only reason I see for 'pro traders' to be against this, is that then they would not be able to pick OP FOTM builds each and every league and have a guaranteed spot at the top of the one and only ladder. More top places on the 'self-found' ladder (outside of the 24/7 people) would actually be taken by people that were lucky with their drops, and know how to use them the best.

Right now who comes on the top of the ladder mostly consists of 2 things: the most OP FOTM builds, and by people grinding 24/7 for currency for trading for the needed uniques for said OP build. Skill, is further down on the list. But sadly this can be said by many online games these days; grinding 24/7 trumps all, and skill and especially genuinity is far down the list.

The only thing that are still keeping PoE alive, is that there is no ingame auction house. Auction house mechanics and thereby ultra low drop rates of gear (that were at the same time ultra cheap on the auction house), killed vanilla Diablo 3, it made the game POINTLESS to play. Why grind for anything, when you could buy it cheap on the auction house? And the whole point of these games are finding good loot, so Blizzard killed their own game. But they did the unthinkable in gaming industry; a 180 turn and got their players back by removing auction house and binding drops to who were in group when it droped (and at the same time, in one big swoop kill off 'gold sellers').

So you are asking why do I not play D3 then? Well, I got tired of it. Its raining legendaries, and there is very little build diversity, its all about the new FOTM armor set build for each and every season.

So you are saying that I am contradicting myself? Not really, I want PoE skill/build diversity combined with self/group found/bound loot with a reasonable drop rate of uniques, more then today, but far lower then Diablo 3.

To find a unique should be a big thing, not just look at it as currency in a trade!

Make PoE uniques great again! (TM)
one question; where is the scotch?

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