The Press Tour is Complete. New Supporter Packs Tomorrow!

Hyped for new league reveals but, please make make a global on/off button for premium "shop" tabs.

So annoying for Labyrinth and Racing :(
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Woooop!!! Can't wait :)
Looking forward to new cool mtx! :D
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Countdown timer?♡ ~('▽^人)
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So, it is this time again...

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Turned out? As in it's finished and ready?
Can't wait for the new supporter packs!
This thing of change maps begins to annoy, there are old maps that can not be up in the shop, and so will be with the ones they have now? well thanks GGG

Pants...pants...where are my pants?!!

I like the new Map Tiles can't wait to try them out

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