The Press Tour is Complete. New Supporter Packs Tomorrow!

Are we there yet?
Nice, another sup pack.
Can't wait to see the new packs!
My heart says "Yay, another supporter pack and more content!"
My wallet says "Oh please, no!"
My schedule says 'Well, you never really liked sleep anyway."

Don't buy a pack until you see the content. Force GGG to release good content and not just some fail patach with loads of problems.
IGN:Vennttorr - Level 100 Witch - 1st Witch to 100.

My mirror service thread:

My Crit Arc build: -- Updated
Please no hideout mtx as supporter pack bonus, please!
can't wait!
supporter pack hype!
New packs? /prays for nice Armor MTX (NOT PURPLE PLEASE :O)

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