48 Hour Solo Flashback Event Delayed by Three Hours

pifpep wrote:
ELI5 Someone please.

Why does a patch need to be deployed to make a announcement. Isn't that racing stuff and timers already on our systems? The best would be leave it as is because you will drop news about the expansion in the next couple of weeks anyway. So it would be enough time to catch up for those interested in informations.

Patch gets deployed because they offer new cosmetics with the supporter packs.
Thank you!
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Great... 1:00 AM start.

Start at 10pm already isnt that great and thats what we get all the time bigger events are running. But 1am is horrible - very disapointed.
gathor wrote:
Thanks, EU players rejoice, hoped for 3-4 hours gameplay now it starts at 12...

poe's official servers are mostly aimed at the american market, press releases are in english, the german translation is not making improvements...
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solo flashback sounds like so much fun, but it's on a weekend anyway. that's when I gotta reallife some. too bad :P
have a nice race, tho!
Hey, hey! It's the Postal Dude! Get him!
I don't mind the postpone. I'll have a good night sleep and get up early (7 AM CET) to start competing for the 14999th spot. #healthyracing

It's actually ok. I'll get a good night's sleep, then start 6 hours into the race at 7AM saturday instead of playing 3hrs, then sleep for 6 and play again.
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Thank you Chris... thats absolutly bullshit. this crap now starts in the middle of the night... good job...
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