48 Hour Solo Flashback Event Delayed by Three Hours

avlee wrote:
It's actually ok. I'll get a good night's sleep, then start 6 hours into the race at 7AM saturday instead of playing 3hrs, then sleep for 6 and play again.

I kinda agree. While I was planning to play a couple of hours in the beginning, I don't see why moving (not shortening!) the race would actually change anything. The time I don't get to play tonight is then added on Sunday, so I'm not missing out.
Crit happens.
how to boycot the niche population of passionate ppl enjoying ssf take out whole europe poe population

22pm awesome time 1am seriously....

the marketing of this game is so fucked up....

@ the all is good i get the 3 hours later poster, its the start that motivates you if you want to finish or not
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Please PM me if this gets answered with the link to the forum post, as I VERY rarely check announcements (past the 1st handful of posts, anyways!) :3

Will there be [a] shirt/s in the next supporter pack/s?
Posting the announcement 3h earlier was not an option ? o.O
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PopeJo wrote:
Objection, your honor: don't move the race.
you can stick your announcment were Wraeclasts corruption is darkest... Strange Sinkhole or maybe Stagnant Canal.

starting late night at 1:00 is horrible.
have mercy on EU racers - punish your planning department instead.

It's a 48 hour race.

Either you will

A) be playing 48 hours (with catnaps) in which case start time is irrelevant because your an endurance machine


B) you are a normal person, so missing 3 hours at the start doesnt matter because you'll just pick it up at the end of the race.


C) catching pokemon
nooooo :(
ohhhh ok wait huhh?

I'm confused can someone help me?

So there's an expansion coming? are we talking about the next league or is it an expansion coming along side with the league?
I am really angry about this decision. Really angry.

- stupid reason. It only an announcement. For god's sake. Bad planning and bad thinking.
- a race that needs planning to fit into our schedules and then hours before it happens they move the time slot. It doesn't matter if it is only three hours, it is the principle behind it.
- terrible time slot. It was already terrible, but they manage to make it worse.

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Awhhh it was 9pm start and now it's midnight for me, no problem though as I am in a position to hit my 1000 Point's... Level 80 should be enough, then I will see how I feel if I want to push on to 85 :P

Good luck all!
Koos63 wrote:
I am really angry about this decision. Really angry.

- terrible time slot. It was already terrible, but they manage to make it worse.

"You are being selfish!"..boy. Get over it.

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