We're Proud to Announce Our Upcoming Expansion: Atlas of Worlds!

ermagerd! atlas and essences?! so much to explore oO
My wife left me.
1K Pretzel Eating Team.


Fake Temp League Elitists LUL
Does this mean we arnt getting any new skills this time around?
you can take game out of garage BUT you cannot take garage out of game
Tbh i would like to see a more portal effect reward in the Packs.
Please make this happan GGG :)
ill buy it!
It's my wife's birthday on September 2nd ...

Why dost thou test me, o Lord?
IGN: ArrowInYourForsakenKnee
I've found a wife.
HYPE! looks really good, i cant wait for the release! :D
PCGamer link is broken
This is the first league since 2014 that I have been actually excited to play.
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.

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