We're Proud to Announce Our Upcoming Expansion: Atlas of Worlds!

Well looks like, for the first time, the cheapest Supporter Pack is actually, interesting and not undervalued.

Thanks Grinding Gear Games for this proposition :)
wooo! awesome supporter packs and armour sets, something Ive been hoping GGG would bring back since the Masters expansion! :D Excited to see the new map content as well, the areas look beautiful!
Super disappointed 'endgame' focus is just maps 2.0. Was hoping for something a lot more involved and not tied to rng.
Excellent, thx Chris & Team!
Looks amazing, as usual. Good job, GGG!
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Stawp. Muh Wallet.

In all seriousness though. I play on and off and was really hoping to take a break now that I have my monkey pet. Looks like that may not happen :)

I beg of you. Let me buy the cloth map. I'll pay for that and the upcoming art book in a combo please. Seriously. you guys are offering points instead of the physical items and some easy math shows that the map is being valued at 80 points. 100 points cost 10$. I would gladly pay 20$ just for the map. I may have a slight obsession with maps, which come to think of it, might explain my addiction to PoE.
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Dissapointed by crafting. Are all those essencess "normal to rare"? You know that crafting is something that 90% of playerbase cant do?

Why the helmet is projectile attack damage only? No love for melee.

Any new skills? No? :( Nothing about melee rebalance? No? :<

I hope new map system is going to be really good as for now Im not amazed.
Will need to get the cloth map!
Well, never had a wife
Is it confirmed that we can trade now? Kappa

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