We're Proud to Announce Our Upcoming Expansion: Atlas of Worlds!

Thanks !

I really like the increasing steampunk-ish styles we get !

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hype hype hype. hope for the lack of disconnects this time around
Page 3 hype :P
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ATLAS OF WORLDS ! Thats gotta be some serious shiat XD HYPE
<3 gotta love it
This is brilliant. We've been running maps one by one, this new system gives a sense of progression and an actual arc that leads somewhere. Great insight and great solution.
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I normally don't like my websites automatically zooming around and whatnot but hovering around that map...I'm hyped already.

A bit surprised that the circular maps are 'maps'. Does that mean they're not worlds? Or will the other maps be changing shape yet again? I counted roughly 112 circles for maps on the atlas of worlds screenshot. With 30 new maps coming, combined with the current 79 basic maps, that number is just about right.

Hmmm. Perhaps this is a bit less complicated than I thought, or perhaps there is more to come.
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Well.. content looking nice, what about difficulty?
so hype!
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