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We're Proud to Announce Our Upcoming Expansion: Atlas of Worlds!

Eschor wrote:
Manator wrote:
Plz correct me if I'm wrong, but does that means, that people will upgrade they gorge/plateau/springs to 14/15/16 tier and run them endlessly to max lvl?
Is this serious? That's a "new" endgame lol? And if you can't upgrade red tier maps, whats the point to do them anymore?
What stops me from unlocking gorge, upgrading it +5 tier and run exclusively gorge maps, you can buy from players? This is ridiculous.

No, it does not mean that. You can only upgrade white tier maps (1-6) to yellow tier and yellow tier (7-11) to red tier. Which means you can upgrade tier 2 to tier 11, and gorge will be a tier 13 (you can check on the atlas). Mountain ledge is the obvious choice for me (being tier 7).

Edit: Plateau and springs are red tier as well, so they won't work either.

Wow, didn't noticed they changed map tiers...So, all old maps will be obsolete?
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I feel kinda horny right now. :3
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Great epansion :)
Hmmm You can take the grinding out of games but not the grinding out Grinding Gear Games. :P

Honestly seems way too RNG and gated to ever see these end game bosses if 16s drop any worse than 15s not to mention currency cost getting there each shot. Would have prefer a rift system. Unlimited hardness entry based on success of previous. This just seems more of the same. Like to do uber atziri require exploring approx 1600 corrupted areas. How many thousands of maps we need to see final boss here one time? More maps more RNG more cost more frustration when high maps dont drop.

Well time to give some games sitting in my Stream account a go. Maybe back maybe not.
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I love the Mythology theme. Definitely see the influence from Titan Quest.
cant wait for new season (:
Meh, only 15 specific maps out of the 100 maps, can be upgraded to higher tier, _once_.
So, no max tier Tropical Island etc, and they didn't say which maps you can upgrade.
Good job again.
Kastmar wrote:
Kourbetaras wrote:
New expansion?
I am just used to all games that new expansion has new acts,new quests,new classes,new skills...
30 more maps dont make a new expansion for my opinion.
On the other point,i appreciate the effort cause i understand the budget is not big enough for major changes
It's not about 30 new maps. It all about new system how maps will work. Finally.

People will just spam gorge/plateau etc etc with the added levels now.. wont be much different :P
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