Useful Atlas of Worlds Interviews and The Lioneye's Watch Podcast

Over the weekend, we announced the details of our upcoming Atlas of Worlds expansion, which briefly touched on what to expect when it launches on September 2nd. Many members of our community have had questions about the expansion. Two pieces of journalist coverage in particular happen to answer a lot of these questions:

IGN's Atlas of Worlds preview video and interview with Chris's written interview with Chris

Masterseek from has posted a comprehensive written interview with Chris. The cover topics include how the Atlas works, as well as information about the Shaper's Orb and Cartographer's Sextant.

The Lioneye's Watch - Community Podcast

Three of our seasoned Path of Exile streamers, LiftingNerdBro, HegemonyTV and ProjectPT have developed a brand new community podcast. They released their first episode today where they discussed and speculated over the Atlas of Worlds announcement.

The Lioneye's Watch podcast is live every Sunday 21:00 (GMT+2) or 2:00PM CST on LiftingNerdBro's Twitch channel and can later be found uploaded on Hegemony's Youtube Channel. If you're looking for a place to discuss relevant Path of Exile topics with the community then we recommend checking it out.

As a bonus to today's news, here's a snippet from Atlas of Worlds:

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