Useful Atlas of Worlds Interviews and The Lioneye's Watch Podcast

Its kinda silly to work on a full blown map update, when they could just pump up Gorge map drops.

Even with upgrade orbs, no one is going to even bother.

PS: actually they do buff map droprate by 1% for each cleared map type. And Zana appears immediately once you clear the first map on the character.
You apparently get only adjacent and same tier maps, so that should narrow down any farming needs a bit.
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There is no time stated when the new podcast is other than the timezone, is this correct?
Looks sick, hype
I can't wait for this update!! I have been waiting for this style update forever. Upping end game mapping to reduce bordem of the grind is awesome. As far as the performance update I have mixed emotions. It works really well with my Amd and r9 combo. The frame rate is upped about 40-50 more fps but it seems in large mobs/opening boxes I get crazy frame drops from 100-15. I made sure all stuff is up to date drivers etc, but still problems I well hopefully it will be fine tuned for atlas! I was so excited to see this update bought supporter pack day 1!! Thanks GGG
player159632 wrote:
There is no time stated when the new podcast is other than the timezone, is this correct?
Looks sick, hype

The Lioneye's Watch podcast is live every Sunday 21:00 (GMT+2) or 2:00PM CST on Lifting's Twitch:

messaged Bex about it, though as of now it hasn't been changed
Also cant wait for update ^^
Oh wow they did it, the finally changed endgame!
No more complicated math before running maps in a league, no more speedrunning, finding the ideal maps to run over and over and over again at a way too low tier and other nonsense like that. Now we get a (hopefully) decent endgame system :).

Good because I can NOT see any more gorges/canyon, palteau's, jungle valleys and strand maps. I wanna play more tropical island.
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Question :
If you find a map ,complete it and it gets added to your atlas can we reuse that map as many times as we want?? (like say Diablo 3 highest rift)

Finding high level maps in PoE takes way to long, I only get to play 1-2hrs a day if im lucky, If I could find a T14 map and clear it so I can run it till I get a T15 that would be great, other wise this whole expansion is aimed at the top 0.5% of players who get the time to farm all day with boat loads of currency to buy maps.
In the essence league the essence are interesting but i also find they might be too easy to roll a specific roll thats actually pretty high im i wrong?! I mean i get you will have to find the essence multiple times and keep on upgrading but infeel like it might be too easy to generate things you want on a item
.. besides if limited to one use not multiple essence on same item!?!

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