An Additional 48 Hour Solo Flashback Event

For fairness to people competing in the Medallion Race Season, this new event doesn't award race points, but does award a variety of microtransactions, mystery boxes and alternate art uniques.

While I was looking forward to the race it self as it was SSF but my secondary reason was to get the points for the first 3 season rewards...once the 5 hours offset to my planned sleeping pattern was created by the restart and the mention of a possible replacement race I decided to wait for that. It's the same thing throughout this event, "ohh btw, we're moving the start time", "ohh btw, we're restarting", "we're adding a new race, ohh and btw you can't get points in this".

It's not the end of the world though as I didn't care about the season in it self, just wanted the alt art for collection purposes. However random MxT that I potentially already own and are unlikely to win is a bit of a kick in the balls and doesn't really do it for me.

I really struggle to see the fairness issue as well. People who, due to the delay, got treated unfairly was so just as much as having this race be a part of the season would treat anyone participating in the original even unfairly.

Edit: Should add that I do appreciate you going out your way to make this right, I just disagree with your reasoning how to do just that. Also, as mentioned below, this isn't a replacement as it doesn't award points.
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I was so sad that i couldn't participate in the last one. But this weekend i'm in.

thx for thinking about european players. about races, i would really try but there are real life issues that frequently interrupt me all the time. wish i were in the young age where you could yell: "mammi, can't leave right now!"
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Because this is not being ras a a race, does that mean that we will encounter masters this time?
vio wrote:
thx for thinking about european players.

It's not just EU players that GGG needs to think about, its the fact that the global peak of gamers falls in the EU evening (you can use as a reference) and declines quickly around the time GGG usually start most of their big events. It's an international audience they are appealing to and they should be using more of these metrics to make their decisions.
Dan_GGG wrote:
This race has been restarted. We are very sorry about having to do this. It's completely unacceptable and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. I am talking with the team about running an additional replacement event next weekend. -- Chris

Chris wrote:
this new event doesn't award race points

First you say that event will be replaced, but now, when bugged event is done you make "replacement" which says that race will be out of the season and don't have race points as awards (but still got race season uniques as random prizes)? In this case - this is not replacement, but casual duplicate and information about additional race was misleading.

I'm not in need of points from that race, but i understand frustration of those who didn't invested extra time into bugged race due announcement of the replacement race.

Maybe it's better to add points rewards, but compare them with bugged race's points and count the biggest number?
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A pity there is no softcore event. I know it is possible to play hardcore on 250+ ping (that is the latency I have to play with), but to try get anywhere near lvl80 on hardcore in 48 hours with big latency problems means I will need to sit this one out unfortunately.

Please please please get a South African server!
Event starting at 7pm for me, a lot better this time. Previous one started orginally at 1am with a reset at 3am. I wonder if I can reach 80lvl in 2 days, might be quite hard.
Thank you for the confirmation that no points will be awarded, now I can ensure I hit my 1000 in the other races before season ends.

For the lol, you could have replace it for a weaver kill race.

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