An Additional 48 Hour Solo Flashback Event

gorillajuice wrote:
vio wrote:
thx for thinking about european players.

It's not just EU players that GGG needs to think about, its the fact that the global peak of gamers falls in the EU evening (you can use as a reference) and declines quickly around the time GGG usually start most of their big events. It's an international audience they are appealing to and they should be using more of these metrics to make their decisions.

You realize a very large segment of the player base doesn't play through Steam right? I'm willing to bet GGG has plenty of real metrics based on the full player base.
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Wasn't there a GGG post like 3 days ago saying they would release info on the upcoming gem skills in a day or two?? whats the deal.. have they forgotten or did i miss the post?
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Chris wrote:

For fairness to people competing in the Medallion Race Season, this new event doesn't award race points

I don't understand this. If people were inconvenienced by the race and got less reward points in the season because of it, why is it fair for this to not reward race points?
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lol at all the whining. The reason you're not getting points for another race is because the few hours lost due to the issue would have cost next to no points. Even if you'd gone to sleep and lost 8 hours your point total would have seen only a difference of a couple points. The time to level at the higher levels combined with the range of levels between point increases means the chances you would have actually jumped up to the next level of points was very slim.

If you cared about points, planned to actually play this event and then didn't play it at all because of a single line entry about a replacement event in the future then that's just silly and I doubt you're being honest.
Whining or not, i checked a day in what was the lowest level in the race, there were roughly 10 000 players with created character, ofc. starting from lvl 1 with many dead. So, not even full 15 000 players signed into the race. I don't think it was that popular that it requires repetition.

Considering the 1 week with MTX rewards, where there was clear set of goals with free MTX to get - day in, over 15k players, lowest in the pool were 30-40 lvl , day 2, lowest was 60+ , i would say that league was more popular than 48h even during weekend.

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Ty for scam <3
Hardcore flashback event with prizes?? Amazing idea! A flashback event is always welcomed! But even more welcomed with the prizes! Yeah, they're random but who can resist? :D
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Great! And great starting time. Hopefully it will stay that way.
just wondering how manny people usualy participate in such races and what are the odds you actully get 1-2 mtx rewards?
Maybe I can make it to this one!

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