An Additional 48 Hour Solo Flashback Event

TehHammer wrote:
Chris wrote:

For fairness to people competing in the Medallion Race Season, this new event doesn't award race points

I don't understand this. If people were inconvenienced by the race and got less reward points in the season because of it, why is it fair for this to not reward race points?
Not only that... what about just count 1 of 2 race's points

best of 2... TADAM!
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
Good news everyone!!
Dissolator wrote:
Dan_GGG wrote:
This race has been restarted. We are very sorry about having to do this. It's completely unacceptable and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. I am talking with the team about running an additional replacement event next weekend. -- Chris

Chris wrote:
this new event doesn't award race points

First you say that event will be replaced, but now, when bugged event is done you make "replacement" which says that race will be out of the season and don't have race points as awards (but still got race season uniques as random prizes)? In this case - this is not replacement, but casual duplicate and information about additional race was misleading.

I'm not in need of points from that race, but i understand frustration of those who didn't invested extra time into bugged race due announcement of the replacement race.

Maybe it's better to add points rewards, but compare them with bugged race's points and count the biggest number?

This is a great idea! Award points based on the higher level tier achieved. I would gladly accept this as a solution instead of MTX that seems to be ones not many would want anyways.
I feel a lot of positive and negative comments have been made on this event, and if my posts are taken negatively then so be it. I feel I must say something, otherwise nothing could/will possibly change.

I few posts have been made to give the event a second light. Give racers this event to count toward the race season, and allow the higher level tier achieved to be counted from either event. This would not skew the results in a drastic fashion, and would be a fair solution in my eyes.
I like it, i love it, i neeeeed some more of it!

Super thankful just for another race. These longer races are the best. Thanks Chris!
nice, i missed the first one n_n
Very much looking forward to participating in this event. Tho not a racer the opportunity of learning how to become better at this type of event is appreciated.

I do see the point of folks complaining about it not being a true "replacement" event tho. Chris's message that was at the top of the leader board for the entire event after the restart most likely lead many folks into the believe they could earn their needed points without continuing in the bugged event. In all fairness the proper solution should be to award points for this event also, but just count points from one or the other for season points.

Thanks GGG for a great game and your efforts in listening to your player base.

pls need points
These races with all mods are pretty fun, I kinda dream that HC would become something like that. Just adjust Beyond a bit, small spaces are death traps (hello there Daresso part, Haast was a "nice" surprise addition there for me :)
gathor wrote:
These races with all mods are pretty fun, I kinda dream that HC would become something like that.

+1 I'd instantly shut up about power creep if they just added beyond to core game. lol

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