Vault Map Reveal

In Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds, we're introducing 30 new maps. We'll be revealing more about the expansion and these maps leading up to the release on September 2nd. We've created a video to reveal the new Vault Map to the community today.

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not first

Global 1 is cancer.
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and that you will bow to the Mealworm king when he ascends the throne.
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awwwwwwwww yiss, gold stone golem with proxy shield spam SeemsGood
Designing Cospri's Will:
Designing Cospri's Malice:
Iron Heart & Iron Fortress too!
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boss is Summon Bling Golem
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Golden Golem confirmed. Summon him for +IIR and +IIQ
GitGud, GitNerfed, Repeat.
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