Vault Map Reveal

Looking forward to the patch notes!!!
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Timewar9 wrote:
If only gold was worth something in Wraeclast.

Looks fun though.

lol this

I don't get why there's gold and stuff on the ground to indicate wealth yet we can't pick any of it up to trade with it.
bank heist map

PS. Cleaving with a mace
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I want to see physical channeling attacks. Like maybe chun li's lightning kick, or E-hondas punches.

+1 Cracked me up!

What about Blanka's Electro? or Zangiefs Spinny thing, Bring Balrog into the game, make use of the facebreakers!

We need a Panda pet, GGG plzzz
I'm just hyped for the sake of variety. but all this new content is looking awesome!
Have to say, minotaur armour and titan maul = nice combination
Frozen666 wrote:
bank heist map

PS. Cleaving with a mace

Titan Maul:
Replaces the appearance of a two-handed mace, axe or sword with the Titan Maul.
Turns out I was more interested in the music and the video cut out too quickly...
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On the toilet is the best time to read the forum.
please fix this FPS, i have intel i7, 12 GB Ram and r9 390x graphic card, but stil low FPS :/

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