Vault Map Reveal

soo this leaves me with 3 questions:

1. is golden stone golem the upcoming first golem mtx?
2. is cleave getting reworked since you are spamming this skill in videoes?
3. is this just a normal map, cuz it feels like its an unique map?
Timewar9 wrote:
If only gold was worth something in Wraeclast.

Looks fun though.

I LoLed
illectrik wrote:
Frozen666 wrote:
bank heist map

PS. Cleaving with a mace

Titan Maul:
Replaces the appearance of a two-handed mace, axe or sword with the Titan Maul.

We don't know what it's on.... there's a chance
wow looks sweet!
Reminds me of lab...
IGN: JerleVDSlinger
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
The map looks nice, but if it involves too much backtracking it will end up not being run like other maps of this kind.
Build looks viable kappa
could you tell us what is going to happen to maps transfered to the perma leagues? Are they gonna be retroactively changed to their new tiers or keep their tiers but be able to drop maps associated with their new tiers? For instance, if I run a gorge map, will it still be 9 or not? Will it drop itself or other maps as a tier 9 or new tier?
Jerle wrote:
Reminds me of lab...

Yes. And that's not a good thing :/

I think we have enough traps, switches and puzzles now.
Kagari wrote:
Might be the map that leads to perandus manor unique one ?

yeah I was thinking it was very reminiscent of that.

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