Vault Map Reveal

yet another low density map?...
SgtPointer wrote:
sweet. looks good.

And c'mon, that robeguy is definitely Cthulhu.

D&D Mindflayer
sofocle10000 wrote:
Wiesl_1404 wrote:
Thanks for the video GGG, i would like to share some thoughts on it:

- map has a very cool theme
- you reused grafic asssets from Perandus league
- mechanics of perandus mannor reintroduced (switches, hidden doors)
- map layout looks gorgeous

- map will naturarly have low mob density because of the layout
- map can't be cleared fast through locked door mechancis (people will complain)
- map is inefficiant to run because of stated reasons above

I would like to see some extra incentive to run such a map - maybe add some random hidden treasure chambers behind hidden switches with some strongboxes and some of the old perandus boxes in it - that would be great fun.


There should be more incentive to exploring and putting your brain to work for a few seconds on every map! I do hope that the revamp to the map system will improve the endgame content to a larger extent than ever before.

+1 The only reason to expend more time on a map is a balance in the cost/reward system. Slow or low density maps, or maps with puzzles, must have highest rewards in other forms.

Labyrinth has a great reward system, a triple one, ascendancy points are too good to skip, then a secondary one in the form of enchantments and even a permanent daily race system to earn jewels.

The other slow paced maps should grant something. The Prophecy system has proved this... whoever would go to the Ledge at level 85? 3 fuses worth it. And the mechanics are already implemented.
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Sometimes I long back to the days where people rejoiced where they could explore mega dungeons in a game like Might and Magic 6: The Mandate of Heaven (one of the first 3D games btw): Castle Darkmoor, Kriegspire, Alamos, the Tomb of Varn, ...


You guys attitude towards the whole "clearspeed-meta" will basically kill all diversity and reduce the endgame from 100 maps (now) to just 1 straight-line, featureless and extremely boring map (basically an Endless Ledge with max mob density). No thanks!

You guys have your clearspeed maps. But we aren't all you. We don't all play for the same reasons you do. And hence we don't all play as you guys do. Leave us with our maps and you're free to stick with yours.

So stop imagining you represent the entire playerbase, quit complaining and let us have our fun.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
pls no traps in maps
Very Awesome! I'm excited! Thanks for the share GGG. I love you guys
Not only 30 new maps, but you should redesign old maps as well, because nobody does 90% of them anyway due to inefficient layout. Now you give us 30 new levels, but in fact only few of them will be probably playable. Adding traps and doors doesn't help. I would save labyrinth-ish layout for unique/special dungeons, which are more focused on possible rewards at the end (maybe enchant for clearing map?) than experience.
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please no, PLEASE no.

This is a play it just to get to the next tier maps kind of map. Lab locks? Are you serious bruvs
PoE 2 is actually happening :D
clear speed, clear speed, clear speed.. that's all you ever read.
doesn't matter how much effort ggg puts into maps, if it's not a gorge clone, people will hate it. the competitiveness in this community is getting more annoying each day. If only people could enjoy content for a moment instead of mindlessly rushing through it. but they have to I guess, reaching high level is getting harder each update, but people still wanna get to 100. The grind is real, let's do some gorges then.
I'm fine with lv 90 though, so I will have time to backtrack through some beautiful maps and challenge their deadly traps and puzzles, that some folks might never even see.

ps: melee ftw, hopefully real melee is getting an upgrade, so that you won't hit the air 1/3 of times.
Hey, hey! It's the Postal Dude! Get him!

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