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All so very op LOVE IT!
robmafia wrote:
My power creep argument. Here are the reasons I can think of, that it is needed:
1. What company would release an expansion for a game, that primarily is centered on the grind for levels and gear, without new better gear to reach for?

lolwut. you contradicted your own point, already - so it's grindy, but have new OP bases and new affix tiers - so you're more overpowered than ever! it's NOT grindy, then.


2. POE has added a level of difficulty to the game with T16 maps and new bosses, some of which I am sure are at a high level of difficulty, this should justify adding more powerful gear to the game. I really like the OP example because some of the bases these improve upon were crap.

which would then defeat the very point of adding harder content because ascendancy/new tiers trivialized the game and made it far too easy. adding allegedly harder content... WITH MORE POWER CREEP is just silly.

you have it all backwards. we don't need OP bases/affixes so we can keep up with harder content, we need harder content to keep up with the already vast amount of power creep poe's added. adding yet MORE power creep just makes it a joke and a silly contradiction.

go play hardcore and see if you can make it through all the content without 1 rip. If you can, then I'll agree with you.
fallacious line of comparison is fallacious.

it's sad how easy/pointless this game has gotten/is getting... and how much it's being cheered by the masses.

poe 3.0 - belt gives 200 es and all weapons one-shot.

poe 4.0 belt gives 2k es and all weapons one-shot and all monsters drop exalts 1:1

poe 5.0 players cannot incur damage and mirrors are in every lootable object.

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"Your forum signature was removed as it was considered to be inappropriate and a breach of our Code of Conduct." was quotes. from the forum. lolz!
Koheleth wrote:
I can understand the whole argument on power creep, yet, just to play devil's advocate...didn't GGG announce there were like 19 new boss fights? They announced that maps can be upgraded to higher tiers as well.

The problem is a lot of that, and especially the most interesting 5, are going to be 80+. The bases start early/mid 70s.

In Prophecy I played more than ever in a league and got to level 87, highest level ever. And it wasn't until T7 maps that I started to feel challenged. There is too much easy mode gameplay that veteran players all have to snooze through. Even for people like me who aren't even close to being hardcore. And the big problem, I got bored of the league not that long after getting that far because its just too much play time to get somewhere interesting. So theres no point putting the challenge after the current game and powercreeping the early stuff even more.
Throughout my life, I have not experienced any change that would make absolutely everyone happy. There is this saying, "as many people, that many tastes" or something along those lines. In business, it is about finding the optimum which makes your revenue as high as possible for as long as possible. And, I guess, this is an tough job especially in the field of computer games. You are exposed to the entire world of player types. Types like Mathil, who would be able to run Core without any gear and passives (even having small life flask is OP), types like me, who has time to level two chars to late 80's in one league and possibly those who have even less time and experience (every new OP allows me to make small step towards the high-end content).

At the end of the day, it depends on what GGG's priorities are, which I don't know. Is it $$$? Is it game difficulty? Is it to provide a unique game experience?

Maybe more transparency would help to calm down the heated and emotional debates. Maybe, if GGG would make their intentions public (and then stick to those, of course), it would make the situation clearer for everyone. If they say OP is the intention in order to bring wider, casual player base in, those seeing the game as too easy would probably go and play a different game. And vice versa. People would know what to expect and would not get frustrated every time there is a change. Just my $0.05.
I know it's not true, but it could be.
gloves seem a bit weak
IGN: MegaSplasz
Just add MS to boots as implicit already and remove that shit from the roll table.

Bananaplasm wrote:
Just add MS to boots as implicit already and remove that shit from the roll table.

U kidding? MS is the best boots upgrade.
I see powercreep problem this way.
Years ago the game was hard. Y had to farm over billion hours for mirrored items to be able to run endgame. Uber, for example.
Time flies, affixes and new bases come out. The game become more friendly to lowskilled people (and people without hundreds of free hours). And they also want to play. To fun. To run Uber. Aren't you?

But some greedy and jealous "veterans" are moaning over and over again something like this:
"Oh, he spend a couple days and can do endgame, he can roll over maps, he drops, he smiles. GGG STOP IT. It is only my Uber. My Precious!!! Pooowercreepp"

Dont get me wrong but u are disgusting. Really.
If u want a challenge - take a challenge yourself. No. You do not want a challenge. You want us not to be able to run YOUR endgame.

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