Introducing New Base Items

dmc94 wrote:
How this new bases would interact with lab enchants?

Labyrinth enchants would still replace these. So it is is an either/r. If you want these base types, you would not generally enchant over them (or corrupt them).

I think these new and powerful implicits are a good way of doing power creep without things getting out of control overnight. I know you guys are trying to do PoE without going to a PoE 2 or raising the level cap, and these items, I think, are reasonable stepping stones. Good enough to be part of the hype of a new league and a new cycle of playing PoE, nothing looks gamebreaking. I hope there are more skill gem balance changes than we saw with Prophecy though :>
Are you serious GGG? wtf?

/edit: those t16 bosses better be insane.
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gat daymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Those belt & glove bases holy shit.
70+ ES belt implicit?



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I hope we have some new butt kickin' bosses to keep us in check... :o
70+ ES gg
>Fingerless gloves
>Spell damage bonus

When's the new fedora supporter pack coming out
keyi henqiangshi

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