Introducing New Base Items

I hope these Two Toned Boots can have Fire/Cold and Cold/Lightning resists too.
DemiDemon wrote:
TheLastZica6 wrote:
This should have been in the initial AoW reveal. It's not amazing, but at least it's something. In fact it's THE first concrete improvement AoW is shown to have. Everything else to-date has been... either useless or very potentially useless.

At least it's something. More on this theme of items actually designed to be usable without being explicitly targeted at specific metabuilds, please. LOTS more. Things that will hopefully at least even the tables a bit between meta and non-meta. Rares based on these types... should help. Not all that much, but like I said... SOMETHING. Better than nothing.

I agree - assuming that non-meta builds will have access to these. Hopefully it's not uber lab mk II where the strong get stronger.

non-meta builds definitely will have access to these.. these are just ilvl73 items, likely to be found in t6 maps.
The belt and amulet are simply sick...
omg, will the endgame need those kind of buffs? there must have a lot of new troublesome monsters for us to deal with next patch! hype!
Lol that 73 ES belt.

"Go ahead, build life. We dare you."

And the CI get CI-er.

(Don't get me wrong tho, I'm still excited for new bases lol)
I'm soo hyped for that expansion man.... It's making me crazy!
I thought it said Two-Toed boots.
I'm glad these are strong, MAKE RARES GREAT AGAIN!
Cool, looking nice
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
because this game totally needed even more ridiculous levels of power creep. /s

racing is all that's fun, anymore.
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"Your forum signature was removed as it was considered to be inappropriate and a breach of our Code of Conduct." was quotes. from the forum. lolz!

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