Get Another Free Darkness Mystery Box!

hmm... if previous time a free box not be recieved with first purchase, because is not working via client, and I make a second one after several hours via web interface - can I contact suppors to recieve some coins back to enjoy this event?

For me purchase a minimum of 50 coins - is a little expensive.

Sorry for that. Just want to know.
E = mc^(OMG)/wtf
I bought stashes on both sales but didnt get anything. Does anyone knows why?
I had 5 spare points that I was saving for something like this. Bought a second weta and got the rain effect. I was hoping beyond hope that I'd get the wings, but the rain effect is still nice. I can think of a few things that aren't as appealing to me as the rain effect is, so I feel I still came out ahead.

But no gloom wings. I feel the emo setting in already.
I think I got almost everything, eccept for the wings I wanted so much...

about 1600 points

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Got a premium stash tab upgrade and received gloom herald.

thank you lord
Holy, thanks Mystery Box - Gloom Wings look good on a Marauder with Tabula Rasa c:

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rel4us wrote:
I think I got almost everything, eccept for the wings I wanted so much...

about 1600 points

Same, not talking about the 100 boots and gloves uuughhh

Just wanted the wings!
No Problem,
LostArtz wrote:
No gloom herald

I got it in this box :))
Archwizard wrote:

Woo, Badge of Skulls again! That's two for two getting badge of skulls during a free box giveaway.

I would love to get that shield skin. I bought 4 boxes last time + got that one free. Each of the 5 gave me those stupid fireworks. Never gonna buy mystery boxes again
hell yeah got a third pair of obsidian boots

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