Get Another Free Darkness Mystery Box!

Hiya all, With all respect, I find this headline misleading:
Get another free darkness mystery box

you have to buy something first to get that for free.
so its not for free.
Hrm, not a bad haul. Disappointed with the first, but happy with the second.

theDarkSama wrote:
you have to buy something first to get that for free.
so its not for free.

So if you order pizza from Domino's, the delivery can't be "free" because you have to buy a pizza to get free delivery? I'm not sure that's how it works (or how it should work...).

The box being free comes with conditions. But it is still free.
if they had $10 points cards on amazon id have spent more money on this game... just sayin :P
... that route is an easy impulse spend for me.. $20 not so much
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So, when is the box supposed to appear? It's been 3 days since i purchased couple of mtxs'?
Hey dedepitagoras!

I have sent you a PM in regards to this :)
Thank you for a fast response, by the time i was finishing my email, i received the mystery box. Problem solved :).

well not bad, but nothing great either :D

hopped for Wings or Herald xD ( i knew chance were bad xD )

/E Bought 2 more boxes and got, rly happy with that because i wanted to buy the cat later :D

30 Shores with Double Pack / Breach / Max Sextants
First Selfmade Build as Sparker ( MF )
1 Million Tool Tip Dps Sparker

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Seriously? Fireworks?? Shouldnt have come back here... =(
Nice, I have gotten consumables in the past. Happily I will don my new Gloom Armour chest in atlas of worlds.

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