ZiggyD's Guardian of the Hydra Showcase

Morgoth2356 wrote:
johnKeys wrote:
yet another clusterfuck fight and huge-damage attacks with zero warning or time to react.
.... did you just fire the guy who designed Vaal Oversoul in Beta?
because I think you should give him a call.

Malachai syndrome.

You're coloring the past with a shiny glow it never really had. Back then the only ways to die to Vaal Oversoul if you were not sleeping on your keyboard were either to be RNG'd out by a rock fall quickly followed by a laser shot (nice skill requirement) or getting dsycn'd and slammed to death when you thought the Oversoul was 5 miles away from you. The fight was hard because DPS was way lower back then so you had to stay longer in that unfair environment.

I totally agree.

But what keeps GGG from going back to the times where dps where lower, damage was lower, damage mitigation was harder, and bossfights took longer, but where more technical and didn't just shit a clusterf**k onto your screen?

Right now GGG has a huge problem:
They introduced so many ways to mitigate damage into the game (Damaga conversion like the warbands helmets and Lightning Coil, endurance charge stacking, Kintsugi and the list goes on), that they must have bosses do shitloads of damage. Because all the players crying for more challenge in the game a re also the ones with lots of game knowledge and lots of playtime, so these players are high level and have access to those kinds of gearbased mitigation processes.

On the other hand, especially in softcore, the amount of damage players can put OUT is insane. I play a Bladefall char right now, with normal gear in the chaos range, and I get to 80k damage. With an AoE!! I played a lot this leage, but I'm no way near any real min-maxer. And I still shit on anything from t12 to Atziri. The only real problem is damage taken, because I'm evasion and evasion sucks if you don't stack dodge and mitigation on top of it.

So in order to balance the game for streamers/min-maxers bosses need to be high damage, high lifepool, AND they need to clutter the screen in shit, as to have a Zizaran, who is really good at playing this game, run into something he didn't see and then be oneshot every once in a lifetime.

That's sadly not really engaging gameplay for most of the casual gamers. My friends play a lot more casually than I do: They run some maps and are done with it. They maybe would try to get more stuff done in game, but the difference in effort to get to the really high endgame and do the extrastuff like Atziri relyably is way to great for them to care.
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His char seems a bit squishy. Most people focus to much on dps.
Wiesl_1404 wrote:

Hey stated that he is using his crafted Harbinger bow from the testing realm posted on reddit (>500 DPS)
with Tornado shot, a skill he is more than familier with.
Ziggy's favourit class is Ranger and his favourit type of build is ranged bow - i think he knows how to build a good crit bow character.

ergo: the boss has a shitload of HP :D

Familiar, favourit, knows how to build .... good jokes :D

I am pretty sure that current meta builds would be able to bring the boss down in matter of seconds still. So .... hardly to prove a difficulty with average or bellow average build.
I wonder what GGG nerfed, will be more interesting than some mechanics that you could overdps anyway.
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Ty for scam <3
wtb hydra mtx bow asap ty
SunL4D2 wrote:
RIP Melee chars?

RIP Melee chars.

johnKeys wrote:
yet another clusterfuck fight

Yep. Someone should let the devs know that sometimes LESS is MORE. In the video it all plays smoothly but everyone that's played the game before knows this fight is going to stutter, lock, DC, and randomly crash on just about every third players rig.

Does anyone think this sh*t is fun? Honestly, does anyone even find it challenging anymore? You either make a mediocre build that can cheese the crap out of the boss or you make an overpowered build that can essentially 1-shot the boss so all this fanfare and flashiness is a total waste.

SunL4D2 wrote:
RIP Melee chars?

RIP Melee chars.

Melee has never been properly balanced in this game. The only melee skills that work either involve constant movement or they are pseudo melee skills that actually provide range/aoe akin to ranged attacks (lightning strike, lacerate, etc). Even the pseudo melee skills are all blown out of the water by even the most elementary of ranged/caster builds.

If you really want to get f*cked make a dual-wielding build; literally the ONLY Ascendancy class that has limitations on it's attack speed buffs (gladiator). I think the design team spends a lot of time smoking grass instead of doing their jobs.
That bow reminds me of World of warcraft :p
Looking forward to all the hardcore RIP threads this upcoming season...
Maybe we will see less 'PoE is too easy' threads...
I_NO wrote:
AdFinitum wrote:
Is ProjectPT here ? This is ZiggyD fighting Hydra with a 6 link doing almost no damage to the boss and getting one shot. Refering to Powercreep : Not enough powercreep for you to progress past Hydra I think. I am very curious if you will even be able to reach the center of Atlas next season with 3 more bosses of this magnitude to defeat.

Easy game with too much power creep lul ( how irrational ). Power creep is adding power without appropriate content - I cant see this happen in PoE to the exaggerated degree some veteran players pretend it to happen. Can only hope not too many people fall for your pseudo elaborate attitude while swearing being your most used argument. I can only assume you are looking for ways to justify your rage about some previous changes you don't like.

Either his build is fucking terrible or the boss has a billion health whichever the case is.

He's using Reach that got nerfed in to the ground and no longer even Dried Lake viable.
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Good god, that boss looks fine! Can't wait to kill it hehe

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