Results of the Medallion Race Season

When's the next race season starting again?
all aboard the level 80 with no rewards sad train :(
Viscrid wrote:
all aboard the level 80 with no rewards sad train :(

window seat please
Pointless race made for no lifers and jobless people.

Make most races in weekends and not during the week !!
YES I support the game, NO I dont agree with many GGG decisions
Atlas of Worlds is the worst thing that happen to POE.
Lab still sucks balls.
Weow~ :o

Won both berserker demi and Dragon armour MTX from the 80+ draw.

All thanks to this one simple trick I used before the 48h race. I bought the Hydra supporter pack. I definitely encourage other players that have had horrible RNG in the past to buy supporter pack before Atlas of Worlds release! :D
Beta-key at all costs, Beta-key in spite of all terror,
Beta-key however long and hard the road may be;
for without Beta-key, there is no survival.
Hey GGG,

thanks for doing "2" of those,.it was great fun.
;two weekends 1/2 playtime the time of the whole league ... kinda crazy.

Big plus point I see in this that you keep your chars after the race is done in the actuall league!!!!
I don t care for economie but try to implement smth. like that every 3-4 months league would be insane because you tempemt ppl. actual to try out racing !!

Looking forward to some insane flashbacks in the next 2-3 years.

Keep it cool upon the whole community crisis your game is fun and you keep working with the community!

And from what I experienced the plus 3/4 of that community insnt toxic but wasted... D

Have a great week over in NZ!!
never understand those no-lifer races ....

have fun
learning is a painful process ... knowledge is the most deadly weapon.
It was my first ever race (48h SSF) and I liked it so much! Reach 83 lvl with no prizes kinda sad tho...
GGG plz give us HC SSF 3-month league or short HC SSF more often!
67 lvl, survived
"We prefer to leave up to the community to work out mechanics such as these" -GGG Support

"Muted 48 hours for spamming chat." -Nicholas_GGG (Dev)

This forum is useless for bug reporting if you're not a popular streamer or if it's not about MTX.
Yay, first time that i won something! Of course congratulations to all other winners aswell.

Both SSF races were great fun, i'd be totally in for more of these towards league ends.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

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