Results of the Medallion Race Season

Congratulations to all winners.

Talk about streamer luck, raizqt showed up in two MTX draws as a winner :)
Joined for free MTX, but all i got was this lousy demigods
Mylvi wrote:
Joined for free MTX, but all i got was this lousy demigods

All I wanted was a demi, but what I got was MTX...
I misunderstood the rules of the race, or why the dead have received prizes?
IGN Odminko, Orlangoor.
Won nothing but the flashback events are always really fun.

Please do this again regularly, with durations like 1month or 2weeks so those who don't play that much got enough time to reach endgame.
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yet again another event where rng draft isnt by my side, welp atleast i got the demi
pvp loooooooool
Miazga wrote:
Pointless race made for no lifers and jobless people.

Make most races in weekends and not during the week !!

But, this was on the weekend?

What a race :D
Flashback race always being my favorite race. Thank you very much for hosting them.
LewsTherin wrote:
No news related to AoW? Makes me sad :(

Grats to al the winners though!

something is coming
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill

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