Results of the Medallion Race Season

i went up to lvl 63 and got absolutely nothing T_T i'm so sad
played since open beta, first time ever winning a raffle...
Cool, my first win, Darkness mysteri box \O/

thank you GGG

We need a 10 days race till Atlas release, pls!
Congratulations to all winners!
Won the darkness mystery box twice, rmt confirmed
rly enjoyed the race season cheers for putting it on :)

I didnt go overboard on it because Im on burnout avoidance for the expansion as it looks like a monster I want to dive in to all guns blazing, but I really like the way racing is going and I think we will see a proper season effort out of me somewhere in the next few.
Demon Portal + Mystery Box -> The hype is real ! Thank you GGG
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Rysidion wrote:
Won the darkness mystery box twice, rmt confirmed

Hah, congrats. It's like you found five dollars!
Grats to all of the winners! :-)
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