At the centre of the Atlas there are four Guardians of the Void who each have a relatively high chance to drop one of two uniques that are specific to them. Today we're showing off uniques from the Phoenix Guardian, Minotaur Guardian and Hydra Guardian
Eye of Innocence
Innocence is a figure you will likely learn more about in the coming months. However, if you're lucky, the Phoenix Guardian will drop this hot amulet. Much of the power of this item is only released once you're on fire, but once it is enabled, subsequent fire hits become potent sources of life leech.

Want an extra projectile for your spells? Wear a Snakepit! Want two extra projectiles? Wear two Snakepits! While all projectile spells benefit from the cast speed and extra projectile provided by the Hydra Guardian's ring, cold spells also get to enjoy a significant amount of increased cold damage too.

Brain Rattler
The Minotaur Guardian wields this hefty mace, which hits hard with both physical and lightning damage, and has a good chance to inflict shock. While swinging Brain Rattler around, your shocks also greatly reduce enemy cast and movement speed, since, well, they just got their brains rattled.

We look forward to unveiling even more Atlas of Worlds content leading up to its launch on September 2nd!

We also have the Alternate Art Unique Item winners from the 48 hour Solo Flashback Event!

15 Players Won an Alternate Art Ngamahu Tiki Unique Item!

  • bipola
  • silentwrath888
  • icanibbal
  • PeachesWait
  • Nathalee
  • TheDeadSir
  • HippoPizza
  • Koringvias
  • Getindare
  • malevolentpeasant
  • sumthing123
  • playagain
  • sniperfish
  • Hyppi
  • wololoide

25 Players Won an Alternate Art Night's Hold Unique Item!

  • Nickoladze
  • OAK58
  • criature
  • deco19
  • nuxota
  • Sexcalibure
  • DizzyDot
  • GilgameshNL
  • dtv
  • Anvesi
  • Chickenfing
  • Nystrom
  • guttaaa
  • SirEvolution
  • pixelflat
  • GetRekt
  • HellforgeHUN
  • Regisle_
  • Nethqz
  • IngoWer
  • DimaSeriy
  • SquishyAura
  • Melmak

30 Players Won an Alternate Art Tear of Purity Unique Item!

  • May_be
  • Maowgly
  • kakojpacan
  • ma_am
  • diltsu
  • qnap
  • NiThroX
  • reddevil20
  • Deathlike2
  • MrHobbitFFXIV
  • LoveMeAgain
  • Zoldberg69
  • Crommitra
  • Quic
  • Wosat
  • Phlosio
  • Frostywhite
  • GilgameshNL
  • Supremebob
  • nisk
  • xallas
  • Nevamoen
  • Cheeseypaladin
  • valdivia1109
  • fmylife
  • Esti_de_caliss
  • meistermedivh
  • 50956009

10 Players Won an Alternate Art Victario's Acuity Unique Item!

  • A_Punyhuman
  • criature
  • Peturhaflidi
  • quarxo
  • C1111
  • kryamb
  • Timoteya
  • GeorgeSmiley3
  • dmc94
  • Sinnerrr
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that ring :O
Coffee & Cigarettes
Hell yea awesome!
You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
Nice :)
Nice ring 0:
What time PST on September 2nd will Atlas of Worlds be released?
Light as a neutral force.

The new flesh emerges.
They're epic!
A mace that converts physical to lightning(shadows/witch main element= so opposite of tree to scale and get pen)

And causes flee?

Melee get Rekt lul.


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