Guardians of the Void - Unique Items

As with many uniques, often times a power level is not obvious at first. Maybe the amulet and mace will find good builds? Maybe an oro's sac/flicker strike build for the amulet? Maybe a 100% pure phys to lightning build for the mace? Dunno. The ring seems a bit "obviously" better, but again - still not great immediately. An extra projectile is awesome and all, but does this ring do enough to give up a ring slot? Our options are: Arctic Breath, Frostbolt, Freezing Breath, and Ice Spear.
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In Prophecy we get Reach and Voidheart who aren't hard to buy/farm and now they show worthless uniqs which drop from T16 boss. Its look like it be again staying mid-tier maps and farm becaouse it be pointless spending currency going further if rest uniqs form T16/Shaper will be at same level like this three
That Brain Rattler gave me some crazy idea of a low level CwDT-Arc, or some other spell with high shock chance, for a pseudo-Temp Chains that also amps your damage.
Awww yeah, its clobbering time.
GGG please consider hiring a completely new item design & balance team. Lately they have been either ridiculously broken or quite garbage. And none of them were particularly interesting...
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hmm I am not an expert in making builds, but I fail to see any real power to sacrifice ratio going on... especially from end game bosses/uniques. For example.. with the ring you get extra projectile.. but spells that need projectiles still need a link for gmp or maybe lmp.. would be great if that ring could provide 3-4 spell projectiles.. so that you dont need to use LMP/GMP with some kind of downside.. it already lacks life/es and resists.. I am still sure there will be builds that would make a great use of these items.. I just fail to see them.
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Threw this tree together and I think the mace might be viable, not the strongest build, but viable. Should work for EQ but not sure about support gems except P2L and lightning pen. You end up with 11%(penetration from tree)+37%(lightning pen. support)+44%(blasphemy conductivity)=92% penetration and 16% MORE on top of that from Augury of Penitence(afaik it does not stack with penetration?).

You could also spec into 2 curses for conductivity+elemental weakness/enfeeble/temp chains. Would probably need some mana reservation nodes or heretics vail since this is CI and discipline is mandatory.
You could also skip ZO and go for Inevitable Judgement ascendany point.

What do you guys think?

GORRE wrote:
What do you guys think?

I think why in the name of god would anyone use a melee weapon that causes monsters to flee while he could buy a Marohi Erqi for only a few chaos orbs?
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Par for the course these days, the initial reaction is positive until you actually stop to think about it and realize how bad it is. The only potential here I see is maybe a full conversion to lightening EQ build with that mace...That's about it.
This is a buff™
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Looks interesting I suppose. like many here I kinda hoped these end game bosses would have more impactful drops, will hold out and see what the others have too offer first though.

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