Guardians of the Void - Unique Items

ok i dont know put game items on the forum, gg :D

You need to go into your profile, click on the "Stash" tab, go to the tab where the item is located and ctrl+alt+click it. You will then see new BBcode when you go to post a new reply. Leave that code in there, that is the code required to link to your item.
Nice mace, gonna farm for that one i guess :)
That amulet is fricken huge.

Hopefully the community en masse doesnt care for it much because id love to snap one of those up on the cheap.

Just an example of what i could do with it using 100% ignite chance from jewels and the ignite gem.

Cwdt oro's flicker strike with insane aps (the faster you attack the more damage you take per second from the ignites the more cwdt procs you get and the higher the level of cwdt you can use)

Cwdt - Fire spell in the cwdt with 100% ignite, so in otherwords a brand new cwdt clock thats self sufficient (probably something like firestorm, or a blade vortex with added fire damage or avatar of fire, or herald of fire etc etc)

And many many other variants of cwdt builds that normally you would need an army of bones skeleton clock or scolds, or my favourite the harvester clock (4 writhing jars frost bound gloves, elemental focus linked to cyclone (just incase you get cold damage from something) and a doedres as your last potion, play that pot piano) for.

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