Guardians of the Void - Unique Items

Koksii wrote:

Except those are endgame uniques from endgame bosses and not some easy content like council that every build can do

Wich make them even worse if the fight is actually "hard" (of course that's if they nerf double dip or everyone will just one shot them with a stack ofmines like every other boss since 9 months...)
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"while ignited" is meh. i think no one will use it.
Really enjoying snakepit thanks for sharing !
Hf :)

Okay never-mind that amulet is nuts for Vaal Molten Shell.
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Now that mace is a nice mace. 20% reduced casting speed from monsters is a gigantic amount of surivability.

Also wow, that ring would be really nice on something like Freezing Pulse. Gives you that extra bit of AOE while letting you keep your single target damage.
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I'm surprised they're adding manual sources of taking damage. The hiltless sword has a bad enough synergy with the new Mistress of Sacrifice on a necro...

Now you have ignite CWDTs too? I mean, maybe if it only counts when you ignite a fresh enemy as opposed to applying new ignites (so it'd require emberwake as a gate).

[Removed by Support]

Point me to the melee build that wants to cause flee and be penalized by resistance and ailment immunity map modifiers as well as reducing their readily available physical leech components.(or at least reduce its effectiveness by 50%)

If it was a good design and had solid utility i would praise it, this however plays in none of melee's rapidly decaying hands.

- it's slow, so wrath aura support will be shit with it
- it halves your leach effectiveness from the passive tree/passive tree (completely if you used physical to lightning)
- lightning orientation is top + right side
- lightning oriented gems are blue, so you need to off-color or use a hybrid armor(one is expensive, the other is in most cases a poor choice)
- it causes flee (should i commend on this?)

It causes shock...yes....but it won't on yes.....and your probably to slow to abuse it...

I also think the ring is rather "meh" but at least it offers something unique, the added projectile.

This mace = static strike/lightning strike + physical to lightning with any other better weapon.

Anyway, have at it and call it cancer, just offering my opinion on this item which is subjective at best.


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Implying chance to flee actually works, Boem.

Rares and uniques are immune to it, and monsters can stop fleeing at any time for no reason.

You can probably slow them to zero percent movement speed with things like Temp Chains + Maim + that mace (not saying it's worth it, but GGG probably doesn't balance that thing). Unless they capped it at -75% max recently, which they may have.
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cant wait to test this with Sire of shards
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Hallefrickingleujah! A real update on the expansion!

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