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welp... time to chance sapphire rings :D
like we used to, for dream frags
This mace could be cool with the Inquisitor, maybe even as a spell caster or COMK
Meh. Snakepit looks like it has potential but you basically need two of them...
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Boem wrote:

[Removed by Support]

Point me to the melee build that wants to cause flee and be penalized by resistance and ailment immunity map modifiers as well as reducing their readily available physical leech components.(or at least reduce its effectiveness by 50%)

If it was a good design and had solid utility i would praise it, this however plays in none of melee's rapidly decaying hands.

- it's slow, so wrath aura support will be shit with it
- it halves your leach effectiveness from the passive tree/passive tree (completely if you used physical to lightning)
- lightning orientation is top + right side
- lightning oriented gems are blue, so you need to off-color or use a hybrid armor(one is expensive, the other is in most cases a poor choice)
- it causes flee (should i commend on this?)

It causes shock...yes....but it won't on yes.....and your probably to slow to abuse it...

I also think the ring is rather "meh" but at least it offers something unique, the added projectile.

This mace = static strike/lightning strike + physical to lightning with any other better weapon.

Anyway, have at it and call it cancer, just offering my opinion on this item which is subjective at best.



A number of Earthquake builds end up using P2L as a phys reflect mitigation tool. Not, perhaps, the best Earthquake builds, but I've encountered a goodly few of them. They just got a socket back. Shock is easily the most powerful elemental status effect, and this mace allows players to apply it without crits - Resolute Technique Earthquake (or anything else) now gets shock chance it never realistically had before. It's also lightning conversion as opposed to "deal no/less Physical" a'la Oro's or Storm Cloud, so all your regular physical melee scaling works just fine. And all the builds that'd be using something like this on the left side of the tree have access to rampaging sheep-tons of health regen as it is and thus don't need as much leech. Or you run it on a Duelist instead of a Marauder and get elemental attack leech there.

Is it a Reach-level superweapon? No. Is the chance to fleee bothersome? Of course. But I don't see as how it's a garbage weapon simply because it's not an Atziri's Disfavor or a max-rolled Marohi or a mirror-worthy Corona Maul. Yeah, Voidquake builds won't want it. That doesn't make it useless, just makes it niche-y and more interesting to try and build around for folks that can't afford Disfavor, or who've already run fourteen hundred Marohi/Heg Era Earthquakers.
Did the math on the mace, heres the results for 20% quality on the mace with the current rolls shown. Im going to assume that the mace rolls higher, maybe 500~ DPSish with the best roll.


63 + (99) x (1 + 0 + .2)
117 + (327) x (1 + 0 +.2)

194.4-532.8 = 727.2

(727.2/2) x 1.25 = 454.5 dps with 20% quality

Keep in mind too, the damage range is a bit larger but the top in roll is really high, soo when it rolls top end the hit is going to be massive with things like Earthquake. You have 15% chance to shock here, soo you can shock still here without critically hitting soo long as it does enough lightning damage.

This may be more of an inquisitor weapon, we could see templar return back to some melee builds with this item because inquisitor makes resistances zero.

Well see though.

Edit - BTW im guessing this item rolls higher as well, it already has a higher top end than marohi soo the top end rolls will be even more massive than Marohi.
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Boem wrote:
A mace that converts physical to lightning(shadows/witch main element= so opposite of tree to scale and get pen)

A slightly mediocre unique is no excuse for being completely ignorant of the Templar skill tree
That mace! EQ with physical to light so OP
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OMG so not prepared for this:

I want to take this opportunity to thank GGG for this astonishing game and last but not least, rngesus.
So many builds need that Snakepit ring
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Eye of Innocence :

If the fire damage you take when you ignite has your own ignite chance it would be incredible.
It also probably applies from Mokou's Embrace 25% chance to be ignited.

So you will get a way to ignite yourself reliably against pack and bosses and you can get the 20% speed from Mokou's + damage and leech from amulet in a reliable way.
Defenately a very interesting unique ! Really hyped about that one.

Snakepit :

Nice item overall. I am pretty sure we will see builds using this to get free LMP in very useful ways.

Brain Rattler :

The mace does around 454 DPS with the rolls shown. It is not a good damage for a 2H weapon but it's not unplayable. We will defenately see 100% lightning earthquake builds with this.

Also, I noticed the conversion is not applied only to attacks so basically you could do a physical caster with it, not sure the usefulness of it though.

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