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Warsplit wrote:
Boem wrote:
A mace that converts physical to lightning(shadows/witch main element= so opposite of tree to scale and get pen)

A slightly mediocre unique is no excuse for being completely ignorant of the Templar skill tree

Yes, that's where the 50%light damage and 10% lightning penetration on attacks is located, i forgot.

Templar/marauder = fire
duelist/ranger = cold
shadow/witch = lightning

That's how the elements are divided passive tree wise.

At templar you get elemental%(favors all) + fire and a little bit of pen(2%), guess what is really going to mater on a build using this mace + phys to lightning.

Anyway, have at it.

Funny enough, this mace is more or less a caster item.

1453R wrote:
A number of Earthquake builds end up using P2L as a phys reflect mitigation tool. Not, perhaps, the best Earthquake builds, but I've encountered a goodly few of them. They just got a socket back. Shock is easily the most powerful elemental status effect, and this mace allows players to apply it without crits - Resolute Technique Earthquake (or anything else) now gets shock chance it never realistically had before. It's also lightning conversion as opposed to "deal no/less Physical" a'la Oro's or Storm Cloud, so all your regular physical melee scaling works just fine. And all the builds that'd be using something like this on the left side of the tree have access to rampaging sheep-tons of health regen as it is and thus don't need as much leech. Or you run it on a Duelist instead of a Marauder and get elemental attack leech there.

Why couldn't a build get shock chance exactly, if they used phys to lightning before? That makes no real sense.
Relying on regen with melee is all cool, but it won't carry you into maps. Most builds aim to run as many modifiers as they can, and leach has one modifier while regen has three modifiers that all provide pack size.(so are favored to build around)

I'm sure you can make a build with it, but it's not really that impressive a unique if you consider just going lightning strike + hegemony's crit for example or any other skill with phys to light and some crit.

As a crit caster it will be funny with things like bladefall. Since then wrath aura will actually benefit you fully and you can scale crit chance etc

So you get another slow effect, flee doesn't trouble you and a cast speed reduction on some foe's.



edit :

tl;dr whispering ice remains the undoubted champion of unique design when it comes to GGG in-house designed items.
And nothing remotely removed it from that spot with this reveal.
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I guess the mace might be good for a skin transfer, thats about it.
Boem is right about the left hand side of the tree being geared towards lightning with weapons moreso than the right hand side of the tree.

Fundamentally the item is limited by the how it goes against the design of the tree (which I think is fine, but maybe not for an end game item). The simple fact of the matter is that as conversion from phys is fundamentally easier than conversion from an element (especially lightning at this point), which means that if you want to use the item in a specific way, then you're going to have to move the tree (or spend multiple ex and use avatar of fire, and then three dragons if you want to shock).

The left hand side of the tree is generally better for two handed weapons (maces especially), but that requires you to scale phys - which the weapon is relatively poor at. The right hand side of the tree will get the most out of the conversion and elemental damage.

I mean that's fine, but there's whole lot of unique conversion items right now where the defacto best "use" requires sacrifices like using avatar of fire, call of the brotherhood and pyre in order to get 100% phys to fire and then scaling fire on the right hand side of the tree - or other strange combinations.

In the end the item will probably settle around a couple of chaos and will be based around using skills that are essentially OP (like EQ).

I would like to see it used in a maim/temp chains/shock-slow (maybe abyssal cry) build, just to cripple your enemies movement.

But in a meta where DPS is king - the item is basically dead on arrival except for people who like to follow the "its new so I'll use it" FOTM, or are like me and try and work out meme builds.

The main issue is that we have uniques which are effectively DPS sticks that actually align with the tree (eg. Disfavour) and you can have any brain dead build go with them.
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Vessel of Vinktar on that mace, though.
mace and amulet are vendor trash, but the ring might be fun for some goofin around.
Ring seems the most interesting :o
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Mace is a build enabler, it doesn't need to be the best ever, just good enough to be fun.
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Phenixer wrote:
Eye of Innocence :

If the fire damage you take when you ignite has your own ignite chance it would be incredible.
It also probably applies from Mokou's Embrace 25% chance to be ignited.

So you will get a way to ignite yourself reliably against pack and bosses and you can get the 20% speed from Mokou's + damage and leech from amulet in a reliable way.
Defenately a very interesting unique ! Really hyped about that one.

Snakepit :

Nice item overall. I am pretty sure we will see builds using this to get free LMP in very useful ways.

Brain Rattler :

The mace does around 454 DPS with the rolls shown. It is not a good damage for a 2H weapon but it's not unplayable. We will defenately see 100% lightning earthquake builds with this.

Also, I noticed the conversion is not applied only to attacks so basically you could do a physical caster with it, not sure the usefulness of it though.

Eye of Innocence: Or you could just get an amulet and ring that does way more with additional benefits. Not that it is bad, but there is no reason to use it either, except maybe as a cheap Scold's Bridle for a discharge Juggernaut.

Snakepit: It's nice, but not for level 68+. The reason LMP is utter shit is that there is no middle ground. Either you get as many projectiles as you can (FW + KB / LA), or you obliterate anything anyway with just one (Essence Drain). I can see it as a makeshift GMP with Deadeye Ascendancy, but giving up two ringslots for that is kinda shit. Especially considering it only applies to spells.

Brain Rattler: If this thing gets some serious DPS it can actually be great. As far as I know the weapon effect is not a curse, meaning it applies completely to any boss reducing their speed to a crawl just with Vaal lightning traps (if shocked ground you created counts as being shocked by you). Might also be fun with an EQ Elementalist.

I mean, these aren't bad, but they are level 63-68 items and endgame rewards. By the time you can farm these you already outgeared them. Even for twinks they are bad thanks to the level requirement.
So yeah, almost 50% of endgame rewards already vendor trash.
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That amulet is very niche and imo badly designed

i really hope some changes are made to that thing before release..

The other two items are great

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