Guardians of the Void - Unique Items

This would be the build that the mace is best suited for imo.

It won't be meta, but this will get the job done.

Best i can come up with for now. A slick 33% lightning pen before penetration gem should make it top end maps viable and might allow boss shocking.
Combined with some other neat tricks and it will most likely be able to run reflect maps.


Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes
all vendor worthy :^)
Brain Rattler looks neat
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
What's with the chance to flee on the mace? It's not like it's particularly strong and needs a downside. No need to make clearing maps like trying to kill monkeys in Southern Forest.
I'm too old for this shit.
I just hope they made summoner unique Items that aren't pure garbage... and got better defensive stats like life/es/armor and useful stuff that make survivability much better. Killing isn't a problem, but getting killed because the AI didn't react fast enought ( Yes, the minions AI is really a pain sometime ) so having a little more survivability would be very useful. Not like the Bones of Ullr unique boots, that have nearly no defense at all to give a clear exemple of what kind of unique that bug me in this game sometime, and how the making of those unique don't take survivability seriously. Because ya, it fun being uber powerful, but getting one shot or 2 hit shot isn't really fun.

Those new items really look great for some build, but as I said, defensive mods are missing as always, mods you can mostly craft on rare that would allow to be powerful and have the life/es to survive a direct hit.

Sorry for my crappy english. I do my best. See you on Atlas expansion.
PS: This post is good for any unique, not only specific unique for "summoner" build. It's my personal statement about unique.
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Dear GGG, this is The Void.

I was just inspecting the equipment of my new home security team you hired and well..
As for now I'm a bit underwhelmed, so to speak.

Of course, those guys look strong and fancy but their tools aren't really that practical I believe.
I had to give some of them three or more of my old Uniques to really make any effective use of them.

Yet, I sent two of them outdoors to guard the property and to catch some of those roaming Exiles for "interrogation" purposes.

Do you really want to know what happened?!
One for them was slamming the ground like an complete idiot and caused them to flee while the other one was setting himself on fire!

Please GGG, consider to send a second pair of Uniques over to round out their toys.

Best regards
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neat uniques. is the 100 fire damage taken considered a hit? i.e. can you ignite yourself with it and mokou's? seems broken with 100% ignite chance VMS.
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wow I'm so happy someone made this amulet to complement my unique! My sincerest thanks to whoever designed this!
Fire makes the perfect blossom in the endless night.
Amulet - niche and VERY one-dimensional. Should be a world drop

Ring - this is a joke right? Reach of the Council once again? But sure, the power creep already removed all pretences of this being a balanced game.

Mace - a proof just HOW BAD the melee is in this game. Top end weapon and it just makes you 'whatever, EQ'. entire build archetype reduced to 'earthquake'. no wonder - judging by the promotional videos and characters showcased there - hardly anyone at GGG plays melee so they simply do not get just how laughable the situation is

But i can expect and i know i wont be in the wrong that the Bow unique will eclipse even the Reach. because bows deserve that, right?
wow good to know there is no reward for a guardianfight

come on ...its 4 guardian so the 4th (bow) hastnt been spoiled yet
melee weapon with flee havent u learned anything the last years Join the fun.
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