Detailed Atlas Mechanics

so, basically do not "complete" a map you dont want to drop for you. if you want to run only gorge (bo-ring) then just buy that map, complete it, and keep running it.. only t1, gorge and the connected maps will drop for you.
I think this is bad and in order to play t10 you should leg it there needing to unlock a path first but whatever.
This is not what I ll be doing but I like the idea that those who only want to play a certain subset of maps can partially limit their map drops to that subset. and if you hate/your build cannot handle a map , just dont complete it, dont play on the ones connected to it and it will never drop for you, and you will get something else instead.

that said, GGG might want to add an expensive way to "uncomplete" a map... or maybe a quest item dropped by one of the big bosses can do this?
if I play 2 builds, the maps I " like" with one might be very different from the ones I " Like" in another.

now this all is cool, but want to know skill changes/*much* needed nerfs for next league to plan new build...:)
have finally gotten used to the lab... I dont hate it anymore.:)
Chris wrote:
Map Drops
For the most part, the map drop system works the same as before. The new rule is that the maps that can drop are from the following groups:
Maps you've previously completed in this league (including on other characters).
Maps that are connected to the one you're playing on the Atlas.
Tier 1 maps.

Wait, what? So I can just buy Gorge and get it's drop many times increased?

If I enter some map, I will start to get this maps dropped. Before there was little to no reason to enter 99% of maps, except Gorge, Plateau, etc - now it will just ruin your character because you will start to get more of this maps.

So doing anything except your lovely Gorge maps - is deadly and forbidden. It was pointless before and with Atlas GGG forces you to avoid most of the maps. What the actual fuck? Why I would run anything else if I will only decrease drop of certain maps with these?...I have no reason actually explore Atlas now.

And if different character's share same Atlas, then it kills premise of explore ENTIRELY.

It is worst new so far.

I am just speachless...dissapointed beyond believe. There should be a way to avoid undesired maps to get increased drops. I certainly love drop system we have now more.
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markww wrote:
Just because you use a shapers orb doesn't mean the normal version of the map will never drop.

The normal version of a map will still drop in the relevant tier maps, the Shapered version can only drop in tiers that are relevant to it.

No, when you shape a map, the original stops dropping. So you can indeed "lock" yourself from the map you want to play.

Chris wrote:
When a map on the Atlas has been Shaped, it doesn't change any of the existing maps you own. However, Shaped versions of that map will now start dropping. Unshaped versions will not drop for you any more.
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SunL4D2 wrote:
it will just ruin your character

Almost right. It will ruin your account, not just the character.
1. I still haven't seen how the Atlas screen is actually accessed. It doesn't matter until it's made available anyway, but I'm curious.

2. Will the maps we've already done be translated to the new system (automatically unlocking them without us doing anything) - or will all current map completions be "reset" (so we have to unlock them "again")?

3. Assuming that the new map drop dynamic really will punish those who farm specific maps and unlock maps they don't want to have dropped, then instead of making the lock / unlock status of a map a toggle (as suggested in a different comment) what should be made a toggle is if an unlocked map contributes to map drops or not.
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Hogaric wrote:
However, Shaped versions of that map will now start dropping. Unshaped versions will not drop for you any more.

I don't like this.

I would love to play a couple tier 10+5 maps, but sometimes I just want to chill and play easier maps. For me this means that using the Shaper Orb might lock me out of the easier version of the maps that I like.

I'll probably never use this orb on any of my favorite maps because of this. Please make it so that you can find both versions of the map.

A regret-like orb for this would be nice, especially for the permanent leagues.
^ You can un-shape a map, with a meagre investment of 20 chisel + 5 regrets
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SaiyanZ wrote:
LightW2 wrote:
SaiyanZ wrote:
If we farm up to T15 in a single path and use a Shaper Orb on a T10, will those now T10+5 maps drop in the T8/T9 maps of that path or do we have to run T13/T14 maps to get it?

According to ZiggyD T10+5 IS T15 map with all consicuence. You have to run t13-15 to get it. Drop rate is lower than original t10.

Yeah just saw the video now. So it might not make sense upgrading your favourite map to a high tier where you're hardly ever going to see it again.

eg. If Gorge is T9 (note sure what tier it is now), then it might be better not upgrading it with a Shaper Orb to a T14 as it is going to be much harder to find and the Gorge drop will also be spread across the other T14 map(s) you ran to get the Shaper Orb, decreasing its drop rate to almost nothing.

If you want to farm maps strategically, it might be best to just not use Shaper Orb and just farm up one path to the map you want to run. This will ensure that only the map you want will drop from that tier and if you run out then you can quickly farm it back up because you have lower maps that can only drop maps which lead up to it again.

I wonder if you buy a low tier gorge will it go up to the tier you "own"?

Edit: Nevermind, gorges are tier 12 and can't be upgraded to a higher tier.
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Can't be arsed with the forcing "most efficient" path on the atlas . I may brick my account , but gating myself from game content sounds no fun at all.
Chris wrote:
Map Corruption and Upgrading
Combining three maps at the vendor upgrades to a specific map from the next tier up, connected via the Atlas. Corrupting a map will upgrade to a connected higher-level map also. If there are several connected ones to pick from, one is randomly chosen as a corruption outcome.

I am bit confused. I still can vendor 3 Dark Forest to get Gorge or it can result in random Tier 9 map with terrible layout?

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