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SaiyanZ wrote:
PsOfOs wrote:

Do you know for sure that when a map drops and it rolls to be a 12 it will certainly be the only one you have opened?
What if it rolls to be another 12 which you haven't opened and so the drop is cancelled?
In that case you would get the same number of desired t12 either you unlocked one or all of them.
We don't know how GGG designed this.

It's stated clearly in the OP:

Unlocking more maps doesn't change how many of a specific tier you receive (but increases the number of different maps that you see at that tier).

Thanks for that,i didn't notice it.
Well it's the first league that "punishes" those who play it's full content.
Double drop rate can't compete with all t13 being gorge for example.
For those that intend to gather currency and experience fast at least.
What happens when it rolls a drop to be t7 and i have completed none?
Does it roll again until it meets a tier i have completed?
Razis wrote:
Was super hyped about the atlas, but... you guys just didn't thought this through.

Cool thing about the atlas concept was that you could implement engaging, self-defined arc in endgame progression instead of pure random disjunctioned mapping OR repetitive 'gorges' all day.

But this, this is just abusable as ****. What you did you just made it easier for people to do the same **** over and over again. Was that your point? I don't think it was, and I hope it wasn't.

/edit: actually I realized I'm apparently not that of a min-maxer. Was angry and downloaded atlas with map names, started to highlight the maps I'm interestied in, trying to prepare a perfect unlock for myself without going "dried lake until gorges all day". After a couple of minutes I realized I'm having fun already, and I was actually creating the arc that I just ranted about. I urge you guys that are concerned about the possible atlas abuse to do the same.

If doing gorges all day is what you define as fun, you'll be able to do that too of course and it still is abusable as ****. That's your call, and you'll be missing out on ****. From that perspective, the comment that Chris made "it's a game :-P" is not really dismissive.

That being said, I still think atlas map unlocks being account wide is a mistake. Different characters still have access to unlocking the atlas maps they want via the map pool that they build up in stash, so you can easily replicate the result if you want. Sextants though, that's another thing.

After taking a closer look to how atlas actually connects maps, I think it's gonna be all good.

investigated further while working on my "arc" map progression taking into account the shaper orbs, and the atlas itself is actually really well and carefully designed. Best map layouts are placed within 5 levels increments of each other, my conclusion is that we will actually see MORE variety when mapping with the highest effective xp/h possible in mind. No more gorges 24/7.

Seriously guys, take a good look at the atlas and you'll see they have obviously been aware of the possible "abuse", and designed with that in mind. I was really concerned because those recent GGG calls seemed... not in touch with the game, but it really does make sense.

/edit: wha I did was visually clarifying the atlas so that I can see the tiers and connections in a plain way, so basically reverse-engeneered it to a point where I could see the design phase.
I'm telling you, it's gonna be fine.
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Tèsslora wrote:
Maybe this has been answered already, but I didn't take the time to read all the pages, but will this be implemented on the core game itself or only for the upcoming temp league?

It's temp and perm leagues, and it's optional. You can still run maps the old way if you want.
Wait, how does Shaped Map Drops work? If I Shape a Gorge to Tier 14, can it then only drop in Red Maps? (Isn't that really bad... You'll never get any.)
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SaiyanZ wrote:
They just need to inform us on how that part will work. Many people are assuming that if you skip T1 to T10 and just buy T11+ then no T2 to T10 will ever drop. I think it will work like how they mentioned legacy maps in Standard will work. i.e. unlocking every tier on the path leading up to that map so you will end up with at least one map unlocked of each tier.

Not sure exactly though (in Standard) how they will unlock maps leading up to a high tier because some maps have several paths to them. I guess they would unlock every path to that map but who knows.

They have informed us on how this part will work. If you trade for a map, say tier 10, and complete it then that map will unlock on your Atlas. If that is the only map you have unlocked and you continue running that map, ONLY maps connected to that tier 10 and tier 1 maps can drop from that map.
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Sheriff_K wrote:
Wait, how does Shaped Map Drops work? If I Shape a Gorge to Tier 14, can it then only drop in Red Maps? (Isn't that really bad... You'll never get any.)

theres a gorge topic in general that bring sup shaping it, from what we can tell though its now a red tier map and hence cannot be shaped, max lvl of map you can shape is a t10.

But for the main point yes, if u shape a t9 it becomes a t14 drop and u need to be in a t12 map minimum to find one. It could well turn out to be negative for sure, ppl are going to have to think carefully about which three t10 maps they will shape, if any.
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Good News Everyone!
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just the thought of them still keeping the idea that tier 1 maps should fall in maps above a certain tier like say 7 or higher is crazy. unless there is an abundance like 10 falling per map then ill be ok with that but no really it isnt ok and maps should still only fall around the one ur doing. t1 in a t12 or higher makes me hate this game
oh, you have to beat T15 Core to get to the Phoenix. nice ... so 90% of all builds will never have a chance to fight against the Phoenix... i loled ... bladefall here i come

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