Detailed Atlas Mechanics

Progress should always be encouraged. Im afraid this map system is going to encourage ppl not to even complete it. They are going to be ultra careful and buy maps for each tier they want so they get the map drops they want. The %map drop loss wont matter that much if u only get the maps you want. A different system should have been used.
It feels like one needs a degree in theoretical physics from Stanford to be able to understand how this will actually work.

Life is complicated.
I know it's not true, but it could be.
Waiting for portuguese subtitles... =\

Sorry for my poor english!!

Very cool! Will team play be worthwhile now?
Path of Exile - RNG based hoarding simulator
Now that atlas bricking is out of the way, I have a question about something else. The initial AoW previews, as well as Ziggy's AoW mechanics video were touting stuff like "now you can farm the maps you like by playing in that part of the tree", signaling that if we play certain maps, we'll be getting more drops of maps in the immediate vicinity. However, the official explanation only says:

For the most part, the map drop system works the same as before. The new rule is that the maps that can drop are from the following groups:
- Maps you've previously completed in this league (including on other characters).
- Maps that are connected to the one you're playing on the Atlas.
- Tier 1 maps.

If we play a map and have all of its connected maps unlocked, do those maps actually have a higher chance of dropping or not? Because from what I'm reading here, that is not the case.
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What I hate about only the shaper's orb, the rest looks fine to me:
Initially I thought this is an item you can use like chisel on a map and bam you have it +5 lvl. And you can use it on whatever map you like.
Those permanent thing incl. lower drop rate and such stuff discussed on previous pages with locking map pools etc, seems the thoughts on the system are not complete yet.

The system as a whole is freaking complex and adds even more drop rules and restrictions.
You need a training before you can actually play that game now, lol!
Can anyone explain me how does map drop mechanic works?

1) Each tier has its own % chance to drop. After that its determines randomly which map from it's tier.
2) There are single % chance to drop a map, after that it determines by its own chance for each tier what tier it will be, and after randomly map from it's tier.

And how new mechanic apply to existing mechanic of map drops?
For example mob dropped T14 map in existing league!
What will drop instead of T14 in new if you have no T14 completed maps in Atlas, only T15?
guggelhupf wrote:
oh, you have to beat T15 Core to get to the Phoenix. nice ... so 90% of all builds will never have a chance to fight against the Phoenix... i loled ... bladefall here i come


Can't one simply buy the T16 Phoenix map??
What will drop instead of T14 in new if you have no T14 completed maps in Atlas, only T15?

Example. Take any other map you like.
- no atlas-completion and on a map with no connected T14 maps: any T14 map
- no atlas-completion but on a t13 gorge map: T14 shrine, because gorge connects to shrine
- you decide out of all T14 maps to atlas-complete shrine: T14 shrine

meaning you only complete what you want to have dropped. and run (NOT complete), vendor or sell other maps.

in the end low maps don't matter so you could Atlas-complete T1-Tn to boost the map-bonus-%. it will be what? roughly 60 maps out of 100 Atlas-completed. What ever high map drops it will be the map you cheery picked for Atlas-completition.
will sextant effects/radii persist between logouts as long as you havent used them up while mapping?

i'd hate to waste my sextants if i were to DC or log off.

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