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So, if i never ever complete any map and than buy t15s and complete only them and play them, will i only get t15 t16 and t1 drops?
Snorkle_uk wrote:

DerDave wrote:

If I complete only T12-16 maps I would be absolutely save from T2-T10 maps dropping...

what would probably happen is that where a t2-10 would previously drop you either get nothing or you get a t1 map, both of which are shit compared to actually getting a t2-10.

Maybe you're right here but at least "completing" only good layouts would be absolutely crucial because it is clearly stated in the news post that finishing a map increases the variety in that specific tier.

So the rule for the new league is: Never kill a boss on a map you don't like layout-wise. You can still enter these maps to check whether you like the layout or not but you should definitely be certain that the map is worth it before you deceide to kill the boss on it.
SaiyanZ wrote:
If we farm up to T15 in a single path and use a Shaper Orb on a T10, will those now T10+5 maps drop in the T8/T9 maps of that path or do we have to run T13/T14 maps to get it?

Interesting question. And also of the same importance is the question: Since high tier maps tend to drop far less than lower tier maps, does using shaper's orb reduce the drop rate of a map just because it is high tier?

If yes, it can be a good choice to not upgrade a map/layout because you will barely ever be able to play your favorite layouts again.
If not, since a T10 map for example is far more common to drop than a T15, we'll play the T10+5 layouts way more often than real T15 layouts ...
When I first saw the atlas I thought you can place maps in there an turn them into permanent waypoints. Like creating your own Endgame Wraeclast route. That would haven been a lot of fun!

It also would have been a major inventory management improvement. Now we'll still have that stuffed assorted map tab in every league.
But then again maps might be too much of a stashtab seller.

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Snorkle_uk wrote:
any news on what happens when I finish a league regarding my standard atlas vs my league atlas? How does it merge, what do I keep? Am I going to feel like a tit for using shapers orbs in leagues because they dont carry over? am I going to feel like a tit for using them in standard where its going to be over written?

Good question.

I cant see league overwriting standard (given the shortcut to unlock the atlas via legacy maps), and I cant imagine it will be a total merge since each account per league will only have access to a max of 10 shaper orbs (If I understood it correctly) and merging would potentially violate that. Who knows though.
SaiyanZ wrote:
If we farm up to T15 in a single path and use a Shaper Orb on a T10, will those now T10+5 maps drop in the T8/T9 maps of that path or do we have to run T13/T14 maps to get it?

According to ZiggyD T10+5 IS T15 map with all consicuence. You have to run t13-15 to get it. Drop rate is lower than original t10.
With the given info, maybe the best approach will be to simply pick your favorite layout of each tier and buy and run them. That way, you will have each tier available and locked to your preferred map. (With the exception of the 4 T1 maps)
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I'm still worried that this will push people even more into playing a generic build that can handle every map mod.
Trade to map

So every completed map gives a 1% bonus to map quantity while you are also 1% more likely to get a trash map.

So the way to map is to never play a dropped "bad" map but only buy and complete maps one actually wants to play ( since those are usually not the hardest ones one can go ham on their mods to increase the chances of getting a good map while selling the bad maps to people that dont know how bad they actually are for their Atlas once completed ).

So as soon as someone tainted his Atlas with a bad map his Atlas is broken for all characters for the full duration of the league.

So the best way to map this league I assume is to level to 80 something in Dried Lake ( or Atziri or Labyrinth ), until the first good, high level maps are available to buy ( avoiding any low Tier / trash maps ) and then start building a map of good maps.
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