Choosing to not Complete Maps on the Atlas

Chris wrote:
We believe that the correct and dominant strategy will be for players to unlock all maps, but since players are afraid that they'll damage their account permanently if they unlock the wrong maps, we have decided to add a way to respec map completions on the Atlas

So you don't care about bricking their atlas anymore ?!?!
Four years later: Now it's ok, that you damage your account permanently if you unlock the wrong maps."
Adambjjoz wrote:
Might be time to re-read your own dev manifesto GGG.

LOL sorry to the Streamers and their audiences I triggered over night (looking at you Empyrian), when I revived this old thread yesterday :)

Chris wrote:
The ability for players to choose what maps they play is an important (and positive!) aspect of the Atlas system.

What changed?
Everyone stop complaining now! We have a new league coming up so you can shape your atlas too!

You know what to do, do it. All they did was remove seals. Use your brains to bypass that.
Adambjjoz wrote:
Might be time to re-read your own dev manifesto GGG.

This was a nicely timed necromancy.
Any cells-type map has been notoriously annoying and ignored for as long as I can remember.

Things that should be considered:
- Betrayal random spawns make cells-type maps extra "RIPy"
- Legion being locked around corners and walls make cells-type maps less desirable
- Movement in general more annoying in cells-type maps

I didn't even realize I was posting on a 2016 thread lol. This concept has been ditched hasn't it
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Thanks for whoever revived this thread .. The title alone is a good message for the devlopers who somehow lost their way!
As an idea for "target farming". How about a map trade in change to Zana that allowed for a map to be chosen instead of set. ie 3 tier 2's for a choice of a t3 of a list, even from a zone or something.

Or have unique watch-stones restrict drops to a smaller pool.

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