Choosing to not Complete Maps on the Atlas

Thank you for the clarification of this topic, Chris. I was still a bit fuzzy about the new map mechanics.
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

thank you, I already know Atlas of worlds will be awesome
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Thank God this has been clarified further. I was getting a headache from the brick people.
Great news
Nice. I was planning to 100% the altas next league, and I expect doing so will be one of the 40 challenges anyway, but it's good to know that I could make a pure Gorge altas if I wanted to.

Not that you'd want to. Unless I misinterpreted what I saw in Ziggy's video, it looks like the Jungle Valley and Gorge bosses got swapped. T12-13 Jungle Valley spider? No thanks!
I'm too old for this shit.
Map Balance
Historically, some maps have been better than others in different ways. Some have had more linear or more open layouts and some have had easier signature monsters or bosses that are safer to kill. A lot of work has gone into balancing this out so that maps are more comparable. In some cases, additional monsters have been added (hence increasing item drops including maps) to mitigate the additional time or challenge that certain maps entail.

We will continue to work on improving this balance, even after release. Our goal is that the choice of whether to leave certain maps locked is a very debated one within the community and there's no clearly right answer.

That's a MASSIVE statement. Are you guys saying that you made maps comparable to gorge? I can't imagine how that's even possible.

Gorge is godly because it's linear and doesn't require any backtracking. It's perfectly optimized for clearing, and you don't have worry about party members getting split up and lost.

In order to make other maps comparable to that level of superiority, you'd have to seriously buff every other map or nerf gorge into the ground by changing it massively.

I just can't see that happening.

But, I'm looking forward to the changes. I guess we'll see.
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With this one change you literally made this expansion go from "flawed" to perfect.
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Oh ye of little faith! I'm only saying this once more, just wait for next week. LOL
We are confronted with endless power creep and then i hear it will be balanced. Let us not kid ourself the last balance was an issue was pre 2.0. Since then the only balance is that most things are stupidly OP. I am sure some maps will be betters then others 100% on that.
Hmm... Disappointed with this "solution".

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